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5 Dog-Friendly Bars in Philadelphia Your Pup Should Visit



Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and many other historic sites. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, which was immortalized in the movie ‚ÄúRocky,‚ÄĚ is another recognizable landmark where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were framed long ago. Philadelphia offers many dog-friendly trails in and around the city where you and your canine pal can hike, after which some time in a tavern slaking your thirst would be pawfect!

It’s also a city where people and their pups like to party, and there are quite a few dog-friendly pubs and beer gardens where doggos are welcome to join their Pet Parents for a beverage and some snacks or a meal. Your pup would love to go along for this adventure, just be sure to bring along some doggy wine or beer so your fur-buddy will have something to sip on, too. Let's take a look at the top dog-friendly bars in Philly!

Evil Genius Beer Company

The Evil Genius is a brewpub on Front Street that entertains patrons with its chic industrial decor and clever signs. It boasts a beer garden outside where canines can cavort on leash and join their people in the fun. A special touch is the beer garden’s proximity to one of Philly’s elevated trains, which adds a taste of the modern industrial world as well. There’s also dog-friendly seating on the sidewalk out front.

Craft beer, wine and liquors await with appetizing small cheese and sausage plates, tacos, sandwiches and other yummy edibles for you and Buster. Anything on the menu can be stripped down to pup-friendly size, condiment-free and dog-licious! The outdoor seating features a separate bar, potted plants, umbrellas, string lights and TV. Tall stools in fun fur-tastic colors await, some just hanging out in the center of the patio, others with tables. 

For unique craft beers and creative cocktails, this is the place to bring your pooch any night or day. 

Square 1682

Square 1682 in the Hotel Palomar is not your typical boring hotel restaurant and bar serving rubber burgers and limp fries. It serves its patrons gourmet vegetarian and gluten-free dishes that will tempt Fido's palate along with your own. The food here is well-cooked, simple and fresh, according to reviewers. Served alongside such gourmet fare as lamb chops, lobster bisque, steak, duck wings and a whole fish of the day, the beers, wine and liquors prove to be the perfect accompaniment. 

Outside is a patio that serves up a dog-friendly brunch on Saturday and Sunday, with traditional egg dishes and sides. With a bowl of doggy wine or beer nearby, what could be better? Square 1682 has its own herb garden and structures its menu around local sources. For dessert, you can enjoy a Peach Cobbler and toss Fido a treat to watch his eyes light up and his tail wag happily!

Old City Beer Garden

The patio at the Old City Beer Garden on Market Street is heaven for the fur-pals and you as you settle in at the outdoor bar and try a few of the 20 craft beers and seltzer cans on offer. Aware that puppers get thirsty, too, the Old City provides ample bowls of refreshing water for the doggies. Serving up pupular favorites like tacos, hot dogs, wings and three varieties of fries, Old City Beer Garden is the place to go with your pupster for an evening out. Their specials are especially fun and include beer and wings specials on Monday, Taco Tuesday, and wings and fries on Wednesday.

You and your pooch will have a grrreat time with your friends, or just the two of you, relaxing into the twilight with full stomachs and quenched thirst. Bone apetit!

Bok Bar

Located high atop a building at 800 Mifflin Street in South Philly is the pup-friendly Bok Bar. Along with beer, wine and cocktails, Bok offers a scenic rooftop bar where you can sample its locally made beers and other beverages. Bok also serves up a lively calendar of events that include live music, the cultural arts scene and guest chefs, among others. Sunday is family day when kids and dogs are invited with special events planned just for them. This is a fun, exciting atmosphere that you and Fido will love! 

The cuisine is unique, comprising a variety of appetizers and entrees, sometimes put together by one of the guest chefs, and could be East African food one day and Asian the next. There’s always something to surprise! Bok Bar is eat-in only, so plan to come with Fido, chill out and enjoy!

Interstate Drafthouse

East Palmer Street is the home of the Interstate Drafthouse, which offers a large outdoor patio where Fido is welcome to relax alongside their Pet Parent while they imbibe the beverages on hand. This is the home of the Fishtown Iced Tea - you have to try it.

Interstate’s food menu will satisfy everyone, including the tail-wagging, always-hungry pup. Brunch and dinner are served on the weekend, and the variety of entrees are bark-worthy: several types of Eggs Benedict, breakfast burritos and a traditional breakfast platter. There’s plenty to share, or your fur-baby can have a plate of their own. Burgers, sandwiches and wings, along with numerous vegetarian and gluten-free selections, will offer something for everyone.

Interstate Boathouse is a Southern-style bar and eatery that satisfies with its selections of beer and other beverages. Take Fido out for a fun, delicious evening! 

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