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5 Games Your Dogs Can Play for a Dog-friendly Halloween


Written by Mel Lee-Smith

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Published: 10/16/2020, edited: 10/16/2020

Published: 10/16/2020

Halloween should be an exciting time for all ghosts and ghouls, no matter how many legs you have. Conjuring up dog-friendly Halloween ideas can be challenging, but don’t fear! We have 5 pup-friendly games to add some zeal to your haunted house “pawty".

Bobbing for goodies

Fill up a decorative plastic cauldron with water and put your pup’s floatable favorites inside. You could use nylon bones, small pumpkins, apples, tennis balls, dog biscuits, or a combination of the above. Your pup will love the challenge; having a tasty treat to enjoy is just a “bone-us.” 

Hide and seek, smell my treat

Put your pup’s sniffer to the test with this unique twist on hide-and-seek. Have human party-goers put some treats in their pockets, and hide around your home or yard. When Fido finds a player, instruct your guests to give them a treat. Your kids will love this game almost as much as pup-squeaks!

Spooky agility course

Let your imagination (and pup!) run wild with a DIY dog maze! Constructing an agility course is simpler than you might think, and it doesn’t have to cost a dime. 

Agility courses are a great way to repurpose household junk. Milk crates, hula hoops, PVC pipes, cardboard boxes, wood, concrete blocks — practically anything will work. Transform pumpkins into obstacles or make weave poles out of plastic bones. Even a table with a paint-splattered sheet makes a great spooky obstacle. 

A long cardboard box with the ends removed is the “pawfect” substitute for an agility tunnel. Stencil some bat designs or, if you’re super crafty, freehand a spooky scene on the sides.

You don’t need fancy equipment for ramps, either — just some cement blocks and a flat piece of wood! Paint your boards any way you want. Simple elements like ghosts, pumpkins, or red paint splatter will all add to your spooky aesthetic. 

Avoid using fake spiderwebs or small pieces of plastic (like fake eyeballs), since these can cause choking hazards and gastric obstructions. Don’t leave buckets of human candy in areas accessible by Fido, either. Instead, fill a pumpkin with dog treats to reward pups for completing the course. 

Haunted ball pit

Give your ball-loving Boxer the best thing they never knew they wanted: a haunted ball pit! A plastic (not inflatable) kiddie pool or a pop-up ball tent works best for this, but any big box will do the trick. Just throw some tennis balls or large plastic balls in your pit, and let those puppers rip! Just make sure whatever balls you pick are durable and large enough not to pose a choking hazard. Want to up the stakes? Hide some treats along the floor of the pit. Your woofer will go bananas! 

Corn hole, keep away

People love cornhole and puppers love keep-away, so why not combine the two for a fright-night delight? Instead of bean bags, use tennis balls or mini decorative pumpkins for tossing. Have your pup guard the board and try to get the ball (or pumpkin!) in the hole without your pup catching it. This game is sure to bring some laughs. Just make sure you let Fido win a few rounds!

Go dog wild!

These activities are sure to knock it out of the park with your “Halloweenie” this spooky season. Need more inspo? Check out our guide for more activities for dogs on Halloween!

Happy spooking! 🐾

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