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Published: 05/17/2024, edited: 05/17/2024

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Chances are the best part of your dog's day (aside from their walkies!) is treat time. But with the plethora of low-quality treats on the market, finding a quality treat in big box stores can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, not to mention all the work you have to go through, scanning nutrition labels and reading reviews to find something decent for your dog. Luckily, we've done just that, so you can spend less time shopping and more time playing with your favorite furchild!

We've searched the web and found some of the best dog treats on the market. Of course, we wouldn't promote our favorites without listing some that our own pets have given their paw of approval! Let's dig right in!


The Honest Kitchen Purely One

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Best human-grade dog treat

We love all of The Honest Kitchen products, but their Purely One treats are definitely a favorite. These human-grade treats have an airy yet crisp texture and are made with 100% white fish filets! (We love a single-ingredient treat!) Since the fish is dehydrated, they require no artificial preservatives or natural additives to keep them fresh. Lastly, these are a great source of omega fatty acids, which help with brain health and can add shine to your pup's coat. For these reasons, The Honest Kitchen Purely One treats have earned our top rating of 5 paw prints!

The Honest Kitchen Purely One Variations:

  • 100% White Fish Filets
The Honest Kitchen Purely One White Fish Filets

The Honest Kitchen Purely One White Fish Filets

Why Wag! Loves It

  • Just one ingredient— Dehydrated white fish.
  • A whopping 84% protein
  • A natural source of omega fatty acids
  • Low calories — just 28 calories per filet
  • Human-grade ingredients

Considerations & Concerns

  • Fairly expensive for the size bag you get

What pet parents say about The Honest Kitchen Purely One Treats 

"Georgie really loves these. As a senior dog, the white fish fillets are a perfect crunchiness and the smell is minor but enticing. I'm able to break them into smaller bite size pieces and hand feed them to him since the fillets are too large for him to manage alone. It creates a nice bonding experience for us while he's happy snacking! Georgie rates them two paws up!"

Read more reviews on The Honest Dog website.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright The Honest Kitchen.

Jinx Tenders

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Best jerky-style treats

If your woofers are a sucker for jerky, Jinx Tenders are sure to be a winner with your pack! These high-protein, low-calorie treats are as nutritious as they are delicious. 

We love that a named meat source is the leading ingredient in these and that they are slow-smoked to really give them that savory jerky flavor. These are also free of common allergens like grains, soy, meat byproducts, and artificial additives.

Jinx Tenders Variations

  • Salmon Jerky Tenders
  • Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky Tenders
  • Beef Jerky Tenders
Jinx Chicken Sweet Potato Tenders Dog Treats

Jinx Chicken Sweet Potato Tenders Dog Treats

Why Wag! Loves It

  • All-natural and limited-ingredient recipe means that you know exactly what is going into your woofer's tummy
  • Suitable for all life stages through puppyhood and beyond
  • A percentage of the proceeds from each Jinx sale goes to a nonprofit of your choosing!
  • Between 18% and 35% protein per serving, depending on the flavor

Considerations & Concerns

  • Pricey for the size
  • The Salmon recipe does contain peas, which may be problematic for some due to the recent research on the correlation between peas and dilated cardiomyopathy

What pet parents say about Jinx Jerky Tenders

"My dog loves these. His eyes went cartoonishly huge at first taste and he gets so excited when I pick up the bag. He might like these even more than peanut butter. They have a pretty neutral chicken and sweet potato scent and don't make my hands smell awful after feeding him, so I love them too. They're big and chunky (not as thin as they look on the package) so there weren't a lot of treats in the bag (10-12 maybe?) but they're soft and easy to break into small pieces, so a single treat can turn into 8 treats or so."

"Great, healthy products at a very reasonable price. I feel safe giving my rescue girl Lola any and all of the Jinx products. She loves the taste."

Read more reviews on Chewy.

Image sourced from the Jinx website. Copyright Jinx.

Pupford Freeze-dried Training Treats

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Best variety of flavors

This Pupford line offers an impressive selection of nutritious, limited-ingredient training treats made with whole ingredients like meat, blueberries, and mango. 

Whether your beagle is a sweet or savory kind of pup, this line surely has something for them! We're fans of the minimal processing, light, crunchy texture, and high fiber content. 

Pupford Freeze-dried Training Treats Variations:

  • Turkey & Veggies Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Mango Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Duck & Veggies Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Surf & Turf Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Beef Liver Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats,
  • Chicken Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Salmon Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Rabbit Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Sweet Potato Training Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
  • Freeze-Dried Blueberry Dog Training Treats
  • Shrimp Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
Pupford Freeze-dried Beef Liver Training Treats

Pupford Freeze-dried Beef Liver Training Treats

Why Wag! Loves It

  • Limited-ingredient recipes mean no guesswork when scanning the nutrition labels
  • Uses mixed tocopherols (aka vitamin E) rather than artificial preservatives
  • Super low calorie at under one calorie per treat
  • Made in America
  • High in fiber

Considerations & Concerns

  • Their plant-based treats, like the freeze-dried blueberries, have very little protein (their meat-based options do not have this issue!)
  • Some pet parents complain that the treats are a tad expensive

What pet parents say about Pupford Freeze-dried Training Treats

"Our Pups absolutely love the Pupford training Treats. The Beef Liver was the first flavor they tried and they were attracted to it instantly. I love that they are low in calories so we can utilize them for training. They are also perfect-size for our treat camera so we use them for that as well. I love having high value treats that are small enough yet, pack a a flavor punch to work on training time with my two dogs! Can't wait to see what other flavors Pupford comes out with!"

"I am a breeder of Golden retrievers. I use treats to train before they go home to their forever homes, as well as with my furever pets. These treats are wonderful for my puppies, and with only 2 ingredients, I know that they are not getting any of the horrible additives that you so often find these days. I absolutely recommend these, and give them out to all my puppy buyers as well."

Read more reviews on Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Pupford LLC. 


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Best crunchy dog treats

These crunchy pumpkin- and oat-based treats are an all-natural option for pet parents in the market for a healthier dog biscuit and are even a personal favorite of one of our team members! 

Wag! Editor Kim Rain says, "While my dog loves all treats, he gets very excited when the Fruitables come out. With flavors that are obviously delicious as he inhales them, and a list of healthy ingredients that I love (and I am a very picky dog mom), these yummy treats are pawfect for the snuffle mat!" 

Small and XL breeds have no fear — these even come in mini and XL versions called Skinny Minis and Biggies!

Fruitables Treat Variations

  • Pumpkin & Blueberry Flavor Dog Treats
  • Pumpkin & Banana Flavor Dog Treats
  • Pumpkin & Apple Flavor Dog Treats
  • Crispy Bacon & Apple Flavor Dog Treats
  • Pumpkin & Cranberry Flavor Crunchy Dog Treats
  • Sweet Potato & Pecan Flavor Crunchy Dog Treats
Fruitables Pumpkin & Banana Flavor Dog Treats

Fruitables Pumpkin & Banana Flavor Dog Treats

Why Wag! Loves It

  • Great for training or doggies who are watching their food intake since these clock in at just 2 calories per treat!
  • Also comes in skinny minis and their biggies version to better suit toy and XL breeds
  • Made with organic ingredients and natural preservatives like rosemary and Vitamin E
  • Chock full of natural antioxidants

Considerations & Concerns

  • Most pet parents state their dogs love these treats, but some complained their dogs do not care for fruit-based treats

What pet parents say about Fruitables

"My dogs love fruitables, especially the blueberry ones. They have healthy ingredients and never upset their stomachs. Two of my rescues have had to have a lot of teeth removed so this softer treat works well for them. Fruitables are hard to find in stores but Chewy always has lots of flavors."

"I have 2 dogs. One is a senior dog. These treats are great for him, the size is good & he loves the flavor. I've bought them numerous times. Will buy again."

Read more reviews on Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Compana Pet Brands.

SmartBones SmartSticks

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Best dog chew

These delightfully chewy rawhide alternatives are another favorite of our team. Editor Kim says "[Since they're] made out of chicken or beef, these imitation rawhides are a great substitute for rawhide that is healthier and easier to digest. My dog inhales these. While my Golden Retriever only takes only a few minutes to eat them, smaller dogs will have a longer chew time."

Plus, these come in a variety of savory flavors so your pup will never get bored of them!

SmartBones SmartSticks Variations

  • Chicken Chews
  • Peanut Butter Dog Treats
  • Sweet Potato Chews Dog Treats
  • Beef Chews Dog Treats
  • Chamomile & Lavender Extract Flavor Chews
  • Bacon & Cheese Chews
  • Sirloin Dog Treats
SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter Dog Treats

SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Why Wag! Loves It

  • Great for chew-happy doggos and puppies (without the risk of intestinal obstructions that rawhide chews carry!)
  • Encourages chewing and can help remove built-up plaque on teeth
  • Comes in several package sizes from 5 to 25 count and also comes in two different-sized cases
  • A wide variety of flavors means there is something to suit nearly every pup!
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition

Considerations & Concerns

  • Contains legumes, which some pet parents try to avoid

What pet parents say about SmartBones SmartSticks

"Our pupper gets one of these every evening after dinnertime and LOVES them! They have a bacon/peanut butter smell, and she just goes bananas for them. They keep her teeth clean and her gums are healthy, even at over age 10. The vet comments on her teeth every visit. I highly recommend trying them if your dog has a rather sensitive stomach that does not appreciate those green sticks. These have never made her sick, and they do the job. We do put them in a second zippy bag, as the bag they come in sometimes doesn't want to reseal."

"My oldest dog is wild about these. She loves peanut butter and goes crazy for these. It keeps her busy for only a short while, but they don't smell up the house and she really loves them. Everytime I get them for her, I am tempted to try one because they smell so good!"

Read more reviews on Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Spectrum Brands, Inc. 


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