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5 Pet Printables You Need in 2022



Need a little help staying up to date with your feline or canine? Pet planners are a fun and functional way of keeping your canine or kitty organized. 

A quick search of the web, and you'll find lots of artsy individuals selling adorable printables to add to your pet binder or planner. Support a small business this year and check out these 5 pet printables you need in 2022.

Ultimate New Puppy Care Record Kit - pet printables for 2022

Ultimate Puppy Care Record Kit

New pet parents usually have the most trouble keeping tabs on their pup’s care. The Ultimate Puppy Care Record Kit by HeavyFeatherDesigns features 25 printable pet care and journal pages to help keep track of your pooch's progress. 

This instant download contains daily, weekly, and monthly journal pages, as well as checklists for training, supplies, socialization, and more. 

You can even follow Fido's vet care, including the medical and vaccination records. The Ultimate Puppy Care Record Kit comes in letter size, A4, and A5, so there's no need to worry about this printable fitting your planner.

Cat care binder from JessCaticles

Cat Care Binder

Cat caregivers need to stay organized, too. The Cat Care Binder by JessCaticles is comprehensive, with 80 printables, 15 dividers, spines, and covers, as well as 5 free scrapbook pages. Plus, all the pages have a cute cartoon cat design, making this an attractive addition to your cat planner. 

This set was created by a pro cat caregiver, so you know it contains everything you need for your feline fur-baby. Some of the more unusual pages included in this pack include product reviews, remedy records, and hotel contact sheets.

Printable Puppy Training Planner

Printable Puppy Training Planner

One of the most challenging parts of puppy training is staying consistent and attending classes. The Printable Puppy Training Planner by TroyesDigitalDesign contains over 51 pages with unique printables like a teeth cleaning schedule, a puppy growth tracker, and a command directory to make training a walk in the park. 

One of the best things about this pack is it was made in Canva. With a free Canva account, you customize this printable set with ease. It's also downloadable as an editable PDF. The Puppy Training Planner Template comes in letter size and A4.

Pet information printable with vet appointments log

Pet Information Printable with Vet Appointments Log

As your pet gets older, it's important to keep up with their veterinary appointments and medical conditions. The Pet Information Printable with Vet Appointments Log by PuffinPagesCo is a "furrific" vet care tracker with everything you need to keep tabs on Tucker's health.

It's simple design makes it easy to personalize, whether you want to keep it basic or add some extra flair with washi tape. Pages contain information on the reason for a vet visit, the diagnosis, and any follow-ups, so you can keep your own separate records of your pet's health.

Essential Pet Care Planner

If your furry family is "furever" growing, the Essential Pet Care Planner by Ammatto might be just the ticket. This pet printable pack boasts two pet care planner sets: one for cats and one for dogs. Each set is color-coded: mint green for dogs, and baby pink for cats. 

Each set contains 7 templates, including snack schedules, pet care instructions, and dog walking logs. Downloadable as a PDF in letter size or A4.

Know of any other “pawsome” pet printables? Share your fave spreads and templates with us in the comments or on Instagram @wag!

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