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5 Swanky Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


Do you know someone who loves their dog a much as some people love their children? Look no further! These unique and stylish gifts are sure-fire way to enchant your dog loving friends or bring hours of delight to your favorite pet.


Dog Breed Blueprints 

These elegant, framed-in-glass blueprints are perfect for those who want to celebrate the strength and lineage of a pure breed.

Why we love it: Vintage-inspired blueprints highlight the unique features of each breed and tell the physical story of your favorite type of dog while looking stylish and sleek on any wall.



Teepee Hideout

Honor your pup's need for space with their very own teepee bed. Easy to set up, looks great anywhere, and includes a carrying bag and plush bone toy.

Why we love it: The clean, modern design blends seamlessly into most decors and is easy to travel with so your dog feels right at home in any environment.



Interactive Wooden Games

These interactive puzzles are perfect for challenging curious pups. Made from all-natural, wood composite, they offer hours of stimulating fun.

Why we love it: Dogs learn from moving pegs on the boards and retrieving treats. Great for dogs that need to focus and calm or have a bit of separation anxiety.


Monthly Gift Box

Your little buddy deserves a treat too! A monthly surprise delivery to your door to keep your pooch happy and looking stylish for a small monthly fee.

Why we love it: The Bone-Boxes include two well-made and chic items chosen by the Max Bone design team. Surprise gifts include toys, bow ties, and jumpers.


Pet Peek Window

What pooch doesn't long to see what's going on in the world on the other side of the fence? Give him a chance to glimpse the outside world any time he chooses with the Pet Peek Window.

Why we love it: The window can be installed in any wood fence and features a modern, spherical design perfect for snooping and peeking.



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