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9 Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation for Your Pet Groomer


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 11/01/2021, edited: 11/07/2022


Pet groomers have a special place in pet parents' hearts. They keep our pets clean and healthy, work their magic on knots and tangles, and love our animals like their own. In 2019, a holiday was dedicated to these essential members of the pet care community: International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day.

In honor of this holiday, we're bringing you 9 "pawsome" gift ideas to show your pet groomer how much you appreciate them!

person holding glass jar with a blue ribbon containing white cookies

Baked goods with a thank you card

Pet groomers keep a busy schedule and rarely get to sit down to eat a proper meal on the job. Show your groomer you care by whipping up some homemade baked goods for them to enjoy in their downtime.

Pick handheld foods that don’t require silverware to eat, like muffins, cookies, or brownies. Place the goodies in an air-tight container to keep them hair-free in the shop, and tape a heartfelt thank you note to the top. This gift is sure to make your groomer's day!

Waterproof smock

Every pet groomer needs a quality smock for work. Between sharp nails, hair products, and the daily grime, this essential piece of work attire needs regular washing and replacement. Make your gift extra special by having your groomer's name embroidered their new smock.

A jar of homemade treats

Pet treats are the gift that keeps on giving, especially around the grooming salon! Treats can increase pet compliance and make your groomer’s job easier. Try one of these hypoallergenic treat recipes to ensure all furry salon-goers can enjoy your gift. Store the treats in a cute reusable jar for your pet groomer to use for years to come!

brown basket packed with bath essentials including a loofah, sponge, cloths, and soap

Foot care basket

Pet groomers work long hours with little downtime, which often means sore, achy feet at the end of the day. Why not pamper your groomer's paws with a foot care basket? Stuff a basket with foot care items like moisturizing foot masks, creams, scrubs, and shoe inserts. Your pet groomer will "pawsitively" love it!

A framed photo of your fur-baby

Pet groomers love their furry clients as much as their own fur-babies and often have pictures of their regulars around their shop. Buy (or DIY!) a cute frame and add your favorite pic of your pet to it. This inexpensive and thoughtful gift will definitely put a smile on your groomer's face!

Cup with a lid

It's a real struggle to keep drinks hair-free while grooming. An insulated cup with a lid can help keep your groomer's coffee hot and free of debris during their shift. If you really want to impress, pick a cup that's also dishwasher-safe!

metal lint roller with blue handle against a yellow background

Fur removal tools

Fur is the glitter of the pet world — it gets everywhere, and it's tough to remove. Show your groomer you care by making them a basket of fur removal essentials. Lint rollers, lint brushes, pet fur removal mitts, and pet hair sponges can breathe life back into your groomer's wardrobe. Trust us, your groomer will thank you!

Tool caddy

Looking for a gift for your groomer that's a cut above the rest? Buy your favorite pet stylist a tool caddy to help them keep their station organized. Pick a caddy that's sturdy and compact yet big enough for all your groomer's tools. Grooming caddies can be purchased online for about $15 to $20 and make a unique and thoughtful gift!

Personalized grooming tote bag

A personalized grooming tote bag is "pawfect" for the groomer on the go. Help your groomer keep their clippers, brushes, and shears in one place for house calls. Have the tote monogrammed or emblazoned with a fun pet-related quote to add some pizzazz to an already awesome gift!

Show us how you're spoiling your groomer in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed!

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