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9 Luxury Dog Houses That Will Blow Your Mind



We all want our dogs to enjoy nothing but the best — the best food, the best care, the best toys, and the best possible life. So when it comes to choosing a dog house for your fur-baby, why not give them a taste of luxury? 

Modern dog houses are a whole lot fancier than the humble backyard kennels of the past. Shop around for the best doggy digs and you’ll find dog mansions with pools, porches, acres of space, and mod-cons like AC, mood lighting, and smart home automation.

So if you want to spoil your pooch — and if you’ve got the bank balance to do it — use this collection of luxury dog houses as inspiration to help you choose the "pawfect" pad for your pup.

Fido’s Fort Knox: Bank Vault Dog House

Your pup is more precious to you than all the money in the world, so show them just how much they mean to you with the Bank Vault Dog House from Rockstar Puppy. Built by a metal sculptor, this truly unique pooch pad is decked out to look exactly like a bank vault.

As your pup reclines on their plush “Bens” bedding and gazes at the safe deposit boxes lining the walls, they’ll feel safe and secure in their very own fortress. Even better, the Bank Vault is custom made to order, which means you can get the design and dimensions just right for your pup.

But with an eye-watering price tag of $66,024, this is one dog house that could well and truly break the bank.

To find out more about Rockstar Puppy’s range of high-end, bespoke dog houses, check them out on YouTube.

To the manor born: Roman Imperial Mansion

When a company markets its dog houses as “the most exclusive dog manors in the world,” it’s safe to say you can expect some truly deluxe digs. And of all the luxury aesthetic dog houses offered by Hecate Verona, the Roman Imperial Mansion is as luxe as they come.

Almost 1,500 individually handcrafted pieces are needed to create this architectural masterpiece, which takes over 860 hours to complete. Inside, you’ll find a separate bedroom for when your pup needs some quiet time, while the side wall also opens when you need access to your dog’s living area.

Lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation are all automated, while included cameras and a TV screen allow you to keep an eye on your pet and communicate with them when needed.

So if your pup enjoys the finer things in life, they’ll certainly feel right at home in the Roman Imperial Mansion.

Limestone luxury: Rockstar Dog House

Rockstars do things differently. They’re innovators, pioneers, and oh so cool. And what could possibly be cooler than the Rockstar Dog House from Rockstar Puppy?

This limestone dog house is quite simply a masterpiece and "pawfect" for your own furry rockstar. With its hand-sculpted corbels, a nameplate for your dog, and a fire hydrant out front, this house has no trouble standing out from the crowd. Step inside and you’ll find real timber floors in a herringbone/chevron pattern, LED lighting, custom wallpaper, and luxury fittings from top to bottom.

If there’s one thing you might not like about the Rockstar Dog House, it’d have to be the price. But if you’ve got a spare $50,000 and you want to spoil your pooch, we reckon this luxury dog mansion is money well spent!

Mid-century modern marvel: Dog Re-Treat

There’s a huge range of luxury dog houses for sale online, but you’d be hard pressed to find a pet home as effortlessly elegant as the Dog Re-Treat from Pijuan Design Workshop. 

This mid-century modern pet palace blends indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. Your pup can enjoy a peaceful retreat inside when they need to escape the rest of the world, but then kick back on their personal deck to soak up some sunshine on a warm day. 

The Dog Re-Treat also has a live roof of carex grass up top, which not only helps insulate this dog house but gives your pup an extra space to kick up their heels and enjoy the view.

Beach babe: Custom Exclusive Lifeguard Stand Dog House

Does your pupper love spending time at the beach? If so, they’ll simply adore this super cute Custom Exclusive Lifeguard Stand Dog House from Posh Puppy Boutique. 

It’s easy to picture your pup standing watch on the deck, ever-alert for someone who needs rescuing. Features include tinted acrylic windows, shutters to keep the hot sun at bay, a removable chew toy, and a removable ramp.

The lifeguard stand dog house is custom made to order, and it can be yours for less than $10,000. "Pawfect" for the vigilant pup who likes to keep a close eye on their surroundings at all times.

Style meets substance: Dog Tower 9

The best furniture and decor items combine form with function, just like the Dog Tower 9 dog house from Pijuan Design Workshop. Not only does it offer a comfortable and well-appointed home for your pup, it’s also a stylish end table that will make a chic addition to any living space.

Featuring a solid core with a wood veneer, Dog Tower 9 provides a comfortable retreat for your furry family member down below, and a space for books, a lamp, and a cup of coffee up the top. And with a cute little outdoor deck area, it brings a touch of South Bay beach style to your space.

Bespoke beauty: Eggnog the Bulldog Custom Ramp House

When a luxury dog house gets over 100 million views online, you know it must be something pretty special. And the Custom Ramp House built for Insta-famous Bulldogs Eggnog and Igloo is one of the most memorable puppy pads we’ve ever seen.

Constructed under their pet parents’ bed, this deluxe dog dwelling boasts fresh water on tap, hidden storage for toys, multiple entry and exit points, and a ramp up to their mom and dad’s bed when they’re ready for some snuggle time.

It’s also got the sort of smart features you’d expect to find in a modern home, including Alexa-controlled lighting and color-changing light bulbs that can be managed from a smartphone. Take a tour of Eggnog’s house on YouTube to check out the luxury for yourself. 

And now you can create Eggnog’s house in your own home. You can buy the official Custom Ramp House blueprints on Etsy, then put your DIY skills into action to create your dog’s ideal space.

No ordinary ottoman: Marrakech Dog House

At first glance, this beautiful piece of doggy furniture looks like a stylish ottoman and nothing more. But look a little closer and you’ll see that it’s also the Marrakech Dog House, a Moroccan-inspired piece that’s as pretty as it is practical.

This handmade ottoman features luxurious leather and nickel-plated nail heads. Its vinyl interior is easy to keep clean, the top is removable, and the cushion is washable for added convenience. The Marrakech Dog House will also look right at home as a centerpiece in your living area — which is ideal for the pup who loves being made to feel like part of the family.

Celebrity style: Mediterranean Dog House

The ultimate extravagance, the Mediterranean Dog House by La Petite Maison is a dapper dog's dream come true. It can be shipped pre-built, or you can order a custom dog house and have it constructed on site.

If you’re looking for luxury dog houses with AC, these doggy digs offer climate-controlled comfort for your pet all year round. But that’s not the only feature of this designer dog house, which also offers running water and lighting to ensure that your pup can enjoy all the creature comforts.

Best of all, a pre-build consultation ensures that this luxury dog house can be tailored to your pup’s needs. Your pet’s breed and personality are considered, along with your style preferences and budget, to ensure you and your fur-baby are thrilled with the finished product.

Want one for your dog? Prices start at $4,500 but can run over $25,000 depending on the customizations you choose, so start saving.

Does your dog have deluxe digs? Share your pup’s mansion with us on Instagram or in the comments below and turn us green with dog-house envy!

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