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A Safe and Trustworthy Wag! Community


The tens of thousands of independent contractors who use the Wag! platform to provide walks and other pet care services are important members of the Wag! community. And we salute them for the love, attention, and care they provide the furry family members whose pet parents choose Wag!

At Wag!, we know that one of the best ways to improve is listening to — and acting on —  feedback from platform users. This is why we’ve done things like allow pet parents to rate and review pet care providers’ services. This allows for greater accountability and helps to ensure the services available on the Wag! platform are meeting quality standards and are delivered in a professional way.

Earlier this year, we shared our Community Guidelines, which outline the expected behaviors of everyone on the platform. These guidelines are just part of our commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and trustworthy community. We now strengthen that commitment by introducing our Deactivation Policy for Pet Care Providers.

The Deactivation Policy speaks directly to Wag!’s quality and reliability standards for pet care providers. Making this information available to these caregivers and others helps ensure we’re all on the same page and are able to make informed decisions for the benefit of everyone on the platform.

We invite everyone on the Wag! Platform to review this new policy. Doing so will help you not only appreciate what we ask of our pet care providers — but also better understand our commitment to ensuring a safe, respectful, and transparent environment for everyone in the Wag! Community.

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