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A Tip for Walkers — On National Dog Walker Appreciation Day


Every day, walkers with Wag! bring joy and fresh air (and potty breaks) to their four-legged friends across the country. And in doing so, they also deliver for pet parents. 

To show our thanks to these walkers, we’re adding $1 to any tips pet parents give their walkers today, Sept. 6, 2019. Why today? Well, it’s National Dog Walker Appreciation Day!

Helping pups — and people!

When we ask walkers with Wag! why they like what they do, the number one reason is, they love spending time with their BFFs — Best Furry Friends. And on top of that, they also enjoy helping pet parents. 

Here’s what Virginia, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, had to say: 

“It's great when I’m able to help out the seniors with walking their companions,” Virginia said. “I have walked quite a few for older clients and it is always so rewarding to be there for them and their pups.”

And there’s Darcy in Los Angeles:

"For several months, I walked one dog in particular one or two times a day, nearly every day,” said Darcy. “This is while his pet parent underwent cancer treatment. I saw the pet parent go through all the ups and downs of receiving chemotherapy and radiation, and we had lots of discussions about what's important in life, and how the dog I walked helped him through his illness.”

This story from Correy, in New York, demonstrates the commitment of our walkers.

“I remember there was a huge winter storm and I assumed there wouldn’t be many walks because of it,” Correy said. “But there was a request on the app to walk one of my regulars, and I didn’t want to let the dog or his pet parent down. I walked through a snowstorm to get to their home, and the pet parent was extremely impressed and very appreciative. It’s one of the many moments that make me proud to walk on the Wag! platform.”

Thank you, walkers!

It’s because of stories like these, and thousands more every day, we salute dog walkers everywhere today. Thank you for what you do — for dogs and their humans. And if you’re a pet parent using a pet care provider with Wag! today, we’re excited to join you in showing appreciation by adding to your tip.

Happy National Dog Walker Appreciation Day!

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