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Correy — A New York Dog Walker's Story

Correy — A New York Dog Walker's Story

It turns out walking dogs is a great way to make some money on the side doing something you love — while pursuing a career doing something else that you love. Just ask Correy, a dog walker on the Wag! platform and also an actor living in New York City.

You may have seen Correy on stage in one of his many performances as an actor or, if you live in New York City, on the sidewalk, walking his furry, four-legged friends.

Work that offers love, income, and flexibility

“I started walking with Wag! in 2016 and have done more than 1,200 walks,” said Correy, who has a 4.9 rating for his walks. “I love dogs, and I also enjoy getting to venture into neighborhoods in the city that I might otherwise never step foot in.”

Correy says Wag!’s on-demand dog-walking app gives him the flexibility to audition for roles and take the classes he needs to stay competitive in a “pretty tough business.”

“I use the money I make walking dogs to pay for those classes,” Correy said. “I’m currently taking an ongoing acting class, a musical theater performance class, voice lessons, and on-camera classes. It can get expensive, but it’s critical for me to stay relevant in an industry that’s constantly evolving.”

Dogs make this paw-some part-time work  

It’s clear that the money and flexibility are essential to Correy, but dogs are what makes this work such an enjoyable part of his life.

“There’s one dog in particular in my neighborhood that I walk pretty regularly that I’m obsessed with,” Correy said. “Her name is Stella. She’s a golden doodle, and she is the sweetest. The way she wags her tail when she sees me is the highlight of my day.”

You might not think that walking dogs is different from city to city, but it can be. One factor is the weather. And Correy, who moved to New York from Texas, can testify to how winter weather, in particular, presents challenges that walkers elsewhere might not have to face.

Even in snow, a pup's got to go

“I remember there was a huge winter storm and I assumed there wouldn’t be many walks because of it,” Correy said. “But there was a request on the app to walk one of my regulars, and I didn’t want to let the dog or his pet parent down. I walked through a snowstorm to get to their home, and the pet parent was extremely impressed and very appreciative. It’s one of the many moments that make me proud to walk on the Wag! platform.”

Being my own boss and walking dogs has given me the flexibility to do what I moved to the city to do, which is act,” said Correy. “And during those times I leave town to perform, I have awesome work to come home to. Getting to walk those amazing pups is the icing on the cake!”

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