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An Automated, Indoor Dog Toilet? Yes!


As much as we love our dogs and would do anything for them, there are occasions — I’m talking about you, polar-vortex-below-zero-degree days — when both dog and human would much rather stay warm than step outside. That’s when you and Fido need Inubox, the smart toilet for dogs. No, really.

Worthy of an electronics showcase

Inubox was previewed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show — the annual showcase of technological marvels, everything from self-rolling suitcases (that follow you like a dog) to lower-body exoskeletons (to help you walk more efficiently). This year, there was even a large hamster-wheel-like exercising device for cats. But we digress.

Remember those fold-down record players from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth? That’s kind of what the Inubox looks like — only much larger. Can you picture that in your living room? Here's some help:

An Automated, Indoor Dog Toilet? Yes!

How does this thing work?

The device stays in the down position so that it’s ready for use. Once your dog does its business and walks away, the device folds up. Your dog’s waste is then mixed with cat-litter-like material to become a solid and put into a poop bag that’s sealed. You remove it from a small hatch when you’re ready.

Does the Inubox spray air freshener to mask odors? Of course — this is 2019, after all! It’ll also pop out a dog treat to reward your dog for using it. And of course, there’s a smartphone app to set up and monitor the device.

Be the first on your block!

The folks behind the Inubox are fundraising now on Kickstarter, where they promise a pledge of just under $700 will get you one of the first of their devices later this year. They say that’s 42 percent off the final retail price.

If you have a dog but don’t have a yard, the Inubox could be just the ticket. Your dog will still need the usual amount of exercise, but for his regular bio breaks, there’d be no more venturing down from that 3rd story walkup on cold, wet winter nights for the two of you.

Of course, you can always leave both the exercising and bio breaks to your walker. There's also an app for that — Wag!

Images: inubox.net

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