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Anita: A Dallas Dog Walker’s Story

Anita: A Dallas Dog Walker’s Story

“I absolutely love dogs,” said Anita, a Dallas walker on the Wag! platform, “and after my beloved lab of 13 years, Abby, passed, I wanted the opportunity to spend time with pups and exercise. I wasn’t ready to get a new dog, so Wag! was perfect.”

 Anita started walking dogs in June 2018. She now has more than 700 walks under her belt — along with a 4.9 rating (out of 5) from her Wag! clients.

A focus on pet parents and their dogs

“My first Wag! walk ever was for a man who was no longer physically able to walk his dog,” said Anita, a Dallas walker on the Wag! platform. “His appreciation meant so much.”

Anita walks dogs part-time, and she uses the money she makes to help support her household. And while the money is essential, so too is the work itself.

“I’ve fallen in love with every dog I’ve walked,” Anita said. “And I’ve become friends with my regular pet parents. It’s nice to feel important to the wellbeing of their animals and know that I’m valued because of the service I provide.”

Patience pays off with one rescue dog

And even as she falls in love with every dog, there are some that stand out.

“I started walking this little dog who was a recently adopted rescue,” Anita said. “She was terrified to come out of her kennel. I literally sat with this dog for 30 minutes before she felt comfortable coming out and letting me leash her for her walk."

“I continued to walk this little dog every day for 3 months, and every day she grew more and more comfortable. I was bummed when she and her mom moved out of my walk area. But she became easily adjusted, and I love that I got to help with that transition.”

"Feel good" work

For Anita, her dog walks on the Wag! platform are more than just work. They’re also a way to give back to both the animals and their pet parents. It’s “feel good” work. And a lot of the people she encounters along the way must see it the same way, including the man who was no longer able to walk his dog himself.

“I have walked for him again several times,” Anita said. “He’s always so kind and appreciative. It makes me feel good to do good.”

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