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21 Best Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 01/13/2021, edited: 12/13/2023


Looking for a gift for the cat lover who has it all? Not to worry — we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best gift ideas for cat lovers. No matter what your friend's style is,  this list will help you find something “pawfect” for them!

Pet subscription box

Everyone loves snail mail — pet people included! A pet subscription box will allow your fellow cat lover to try new things and have a surprise to open every month!

Themed scratching post or box

Gone are the days of classic carpeted scratching posts. Nowadays, you can find scratching implements to go with any household theme — and we do mean any. Look online, and you'll discover scratching posts modeled after everything from cactuses to castles! This fun gift is sure to surprise!

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Kitty exercise wheel

Who says exercise wheels are just for gerbils? Get your pal's fur-baby up to speed with an exercise wheel of their own.

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A custom embroidery hoop of their cat


Put a fun spin on traditional cat art with a custom embroidery hoop, like this one from Etsy. Embroidery hoops are coming back in style in full force, so stay ahead of the trend with this gift for the proud cat parents in your life. If you like the one you see above, check out the original creator's Instagram page @embroideredbysteph.

Photo album of their cat

Photos are an underutilized gift, but they are some of the most heartwarming presents you can give. Print off some of your friend's favorite pet pictures and put them inside a pretty album for a gift straight from the heart. 

Cozy kitty PJs

There's never any gift-giving occasion that cat pajamas aren't appropriate. Besides, you can never have enough loungewear, especially cat-print loungewear. 

Automatic litter box

Nobody looks forward to scooping poop. Give your fellow cat lover the gift of never having to scoop the litter box again with an automatic litter box! Not only do these come in cool shapes and models, but they will also make forgetting to scoop a thing of the past! Some of the more expensive brands even have Wi-Fi connectivity and carbon filters to send odors packing.

gray cat stepping outside of a covered litter box onto a hardwood floor

Cat litter disposal system

Speaking of litter, why not get your pet-loving bestie a litter disposal system to go along with their automatic litter box? Their nose will thank you!

Health-monitoring cat litter

Health-monitoring litter is a new development in the pet scene. This isn’t your average kitty litter, though. Health-monitoring litter changes colors to alert you if your cat has an illness. Your cat-loving friend will thank you for this out-of-the-box, thoughtful gift!

Cat maze

A cat maze may seem like it's for the cat, but pet parents are the ones who will really benefit from it. Your cat-loving friend will get a kick out of watching their fur-baby scurry through tunnels and hidden compartments. There are even cat maze bed frames — seriously, Google it!

Cat puzzle

A cat puzzle is sure to add some excitement to your loved one's life. Your friend will have a blast watching their cat digging, gnawing, and pawing to get to the loot. Throw in a bag of treats or some catnip to really get the "pawty" going.

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Macrame cat bed

Macrame is making a huge comeback. Stay on top of the trend with a macrame pet hammock, like this one from Motta Gifts Studio on Etsy. This fashionable and functional kitty furniture piece is sure to liven up any living space!

Kitty shelf

What better thing to keep on a shelf than your favorite fur-baby? Help your friend make the most of their wall space with a kitty shelf. These come in all sorts of shapes and styles and range from $30 to $100+, so there's something to fit every gift-buying budget. 

Window cat bed

A window cat bed is a "purrfect" gift for avid birdwatchers. Besides being great space savers, window beds are just downright adorable.

Cat meme monthly calendar

Give your friend the gift of giggles with a funny cat calendar. This inexpensive present will keep your friend laughing for months to come!

Kitty clock

There are tons of kitty clocks on the market and they all have one thing in common: they're adorable. We're sure this gift will bring a smile to your kitty-loving pal!

person wearing a headband with cat ears

Cat jewelry and accessories

Nothing shows love quite like some kitty bling! You can find cat accessories of all sorts online including studs, necklaces, backpacks, and headbands.

Catto car decal

Show everyone in the car line just how much your friend loves their cats with a custom kitty car decal.

Cat-friendly house plant subscription box

Looking for a gift for a cat lover with a green thumb? Why not subscribe them to a cat-friendly plant ? These boxes are curated for pet safety since many popular houseplants are toxic to cats. Your friend will love getting surprise plants every month — even more so knowing they’re safe for their baby.

Cat planter

What better present to go along with a cat-friendly plant subscription than a kitty planter?! Planters are a relatively cheap gift that any plant enthusiast will adore! 

Cat-ear headphones

Take your friend's headphone game to the next level with a paid of cat ear headphones. Your friend will be one cool cat while jamming out.

Share your fave gift ideas for cat lovers with us in the comments or on Instagram!

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