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Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers — Including Your Dog Walker!



'Tis the season for gift giving. Rather than racking your brain about what to get your dog-loving loved ones for Christmas, check out this guide! We've found 30 of the best gift ideas for dog lovers, including your dog walker!

A Wag! Gift Card...the PURR-fect gift!

Work, school, family, pet parenting — your pooch-loving pal probably has their hands full juggling all their responsibilities. Take an item off their never-ending to-do list with a Wag! Gift Card! These transferable, pre-purchased credits apply toward any Wag! service, including Walks, Overnight Care, Training, Drop-Ins, and digital Veterinary Care. They're available in $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500 amounts. Learn more about Wag! gift cards - HERE!

Homemade Christmas ornament

What better gift than Christmas ornaments during the holiday season? Homemade ornaments are excellent for Christmas shoppers on a budget since some ornaments cost nearly nothing to make. Whip up some homemade play clay with flour, water, and salt, and press your pup's paw into it. Attach a string, and you have a paw-made gift that's straight from the heart.

New clothes for a good cause

What pet parent doesn't love snuggling up with their Husky in a warm sweatshirt or hoodie? Check out the range of dog-themed shirts, hoodies, and goodies over at Swaggles! A portion of all proceeds go toward local rescues to assist pups in need.

A colorful leash and harness

Tie-dye harness with matching leash — need we say more? Gift your amigos a colorful harness, leash, or dog accessory from Pawmigo to add a little style to their strolls.

A monthly subscription to a treat or dog toy box

What's more fun than a monthly subscription for toys and treats? Your dog-loving friend will love getting a monthly surprise for their fur-babies — plus, it's the gift that keeps giving!

A gift certificate to a dog training course

A gift certificate to a dog training course is a "pawsome" gift idea for dog lovers. Even older dogs can benefit from obedience or scent work classes and socialization in group classes. Plus, training courses are "furrific" for bonding with your pup!

Hair-repelling sofa covers

You might be surprised that hair-repelling sofa covers are one of the most sought-after gifts for pet parents. While most everyone loves snuggling on the couch with their pups, no one likes the mess of fur everywhere. Get the best of both worlds with a hair-repelling, machine-washable sofa cover.

A customized or digital photo frame

Buy or make a customized photo frame with your friend’s woofer's name and print off their picture to put inside. Alternatively, you can get them a digital frame that will switch between all their favorite pet pictures. Preload with puppy pics ahead of time to really impress.

Photo Christmas ornament

Want to make something more elaborate? Check out Etsy for vendors who make personalized picture ornaments or create your own with a few basic (and cheap!) supplies.

Doggy cam (with or without a treat dispenser)

If you're willing to spend a bit more money, a doggy cam is the way to go. Puppy cams are one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers since it will allow them to see their pup while they're away. Some models even have a built-in treat dispenser — how cool is that?

Homemade treat bags

Nothing says from the heart like a box of homemade cookies. Along with some human sweets, bake some doggy treats and put them in separate packages with a ribbon on top. Homemade cookies are the perfect inexpensive yet thoughtful gift. Need some tasty dog cookie recipes? Take a peek at our holiday baking guide for dogs!

Not big on baking? Check out these festive holiday dog treats from Bocce's Bakery!

A gift certificate to a groomer/doggy spa

Grooming is expensive, and a certificate is a great way to help pamper your loved one's pets and help out with their pocketbooks too.

Good quality shampoo and conditioner

No money for a grooming certificate? That's okay! Buy your dog-loving pal some quality dog care essentials to keep their pup smelling "furrific" year-round. They'll be thanking you for those fresh-scented cuddles until July!

We recommend the Evergreen Grooming Kit from Skout's Honor. This limited-edition shampoo, conditioner, and deodorizer gift set comes in festive fragrances like Winter Forest, Earthy Cedarwood, and Sweet Pine. "Pawfect" for the nature-loving Newfy in your life!

Ball launcher

If your fellow dog-lover's arm isn't what it used to be, gift them a ball launcher. Besides upping their fetch game, a launcher will help them bond with their pet!

Food and water dispenser

Automatic food and water dispensers are another great gift idea for busy dog lovers. Your friend will appreciate the help on those busy mornings when they're rushing out the door.

Portrait of their pet

Artistic peeps, listen up! Why not create a rendering of their pup and frame it for them? You could use paint, drawing pencils, or even collage to create a one-of-a-kind piece just for them. Whether you're a pro or not, this gift is sure to get a smile!

Dog-print socks

As kids, socks seemed like a lame gift, but it's one of the top things we need as adults! Add some whimsy to those feet with a pair of fuzzy dog-print socks.

A blanket with their dog's picture on it

Continuing with the comfy aspect, why not pair those socks with a custom picture blanket? Your pup-loving bestie will adore the thoughtfulness and will treasure their blanket "furever".

A pet travel tote with collapsible bowls

A pet travel tote is an indispensable gift for dog lovers who like to travel, and it's one they can use for years to come. Some of the more elaborate pet travel totes come with collapsible bowls, airtight containers, and even first aid kits  literally everything you could need for an overnight trip with dogs.

Reflective collar and leash

Reflective collars and leashes are great for dog walkers who often walk their furry clients at night. The reflective strip offers added safety and security for those late-night walks, but they have another benefit too. All dog walkers know how dirty leashes and collars get after a while, but reflective collars tend to be easier to clean due to their non-absorbent exterior.

A soft-sided doggy car seat

A soft-sided doggy car seat is the "pawfect" gift for dog-lovers who like to go on road trips. Besides being a comfy spot to rest on long drives, a soft-sided car seat will keep their best bud safe in the event of an accident.

A stuffed animal modeled after their pup

Just about everyone loves stuffed animals, but a dog-lover will go crazy for a custom stuffed animal modeled after their pup. You can commission a custom furry creation on handcrafted marketplaces like Etsy.

Dog photo magnet

Dog photo magnets are another inexpensive gift ideas for dog lovers. You can either have one made online for under $10 or make them yourself for under $5.

Homemade card with their dog's picture

Homemade doggy Christmas cards are another wallet-friendly craft option. Get creative and use whatever you have on hand. Hot glue, ribbons, paint, buttons, pictures, and glitter — the possibilities are endless!

A video compilation of their dog

Whether you're a tech whiz or a novice, why not create a video and photo compilation of your dog walker and your dog? (Or their dog!) Pictures and videos are a treasure your friend can enjoy forever. Plus, it's a great gift idea for those strapped for cash this Christmas.

A memory foam pet bed

Nothing says Christmas Eve like sweet dreams of sugar plums on a memory foam pet bed. These can be a little expensive, ranging from $60 to $100+, but their pooch will surely thank you!

A fun dog puzzle

Dog puzzles are a fantastic gift for dog lovers or walkers. Sure, their pup will have a blast with it, but half the fun is watching them digging, pawing, and jumping on the toy to get their treats. Your friend will surely get hours of laughs out of this!

Custom dog pillow

A custom dog pillow is another fun and heartfelt gift for animal-lovers. You can have these made at big-box stores or order them online for around $30. Your friend will love snuggling up to their pup's face at night!

Dog books

Whether your friend is a non-fiction or fiction person, a dog book will be just the gift for them. Informational or fictional books about dogs are a great gift for loved ones who adore reading and pups.

Treat-dispensing ball

Treat-dispensing balls are more for the pet in your friend's life, but it sure is fun to watch puppies play with these gadgets. You can find treat-dispensing balls online or in pet stores for under $15.

We hope this guide inspires you to get creative with your gift ideas for dog lovers. This year, keep the mugs to yourself and try one of our gift ideas instead! 🎄

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