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Best Holiday Gifts for Cats


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 11/18/2022, edited: 12/29/2023


Is pampering your purring pal a priority over the festive period? Consumer reports show that over 70% of pet parents in the US buy gifts for their cats over the holiday season.

Whether you're trying to outdo your significant other or just want to show your little lion they're loved, we've got you covered. We've rounded up 10 Christmas gift ideas for cats that are sure to get your fur-baby purring. These holiday gift ideas for cats are perfect for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa!

orange cat wearing a red christmas sweater

Holiday sweaters and accessories

Garish Christmas sweaters are a holiday tradition. Before breaking out your favorite sweater, why not order your feline friend their own holiday accessory? If your cat doesn't mind playing dress-up and gets chilly during the winter, a holiday sweater is a cute gift for your kitty.

Whether it's a holiday-themed sweater or collar, it'll help your fur-baby get in the festive spirit. Plus, some stores sell Hanukkah-themed sweaters and collars emblazoned with the Star of David, dreidels, and menorahs. 

Popular holiday accessories for cats:

Christmas cat bed

A comfy cat bed will always be a hit with your tiny tiger. A themed cat bed is a fun Christmas gift for your cat this year. These cat beds come in all different shapes, from Christmas trees to presents to reindeer. 

A holiday-themed cat bed will help keep your kitty warm and give them somewhere to escape the excitement of opening presents on Christmas morning. 

Popular Christmas cat beds:

Christmas cat tree

Cat trees give your feline somewhere to shed their claws and a perch to help them feel safe. Buying your fur-baby an elaborate cat tree complete with hammocks, perches, and toys will keep them entertained over the holidays.

Or, buy your feline a Christmas-themed cat tree. You'll find cute cat trees on the market shaped like candy canes and Christmas trees that'll fit "purrfectly" with your holiday decor.

Popular Christmas cat trees: 

cat lounging in an outdoor catio - Best Holiday Gifts for Cats


Give your indoor cat a real treat by gifting an outdoor cat enclosure where they can lounge in the sun. Catios offer a secure way to let your feline pal enjoy the great outdoors. These screened in enclosures offer perches, different levels, and viewing on all sides to give your cat a lounge spot with a furbulous view.

Popular cat wine brands: 

Automatic laser toys

An automatic laser toy is an excellent Christmas gift for your cat. Cats can't get enough of laser pointers, and an automatic laser toy will keep their attention even when you're not around. 

These automatic laser toys work well and cost less than you think. It's a great present to give your cat on Christmas Day when everybody else is playing around with their new gadgets. 

Popular automatic laser toys:

Cat puzzle toys

Treat-dispensing puzzle toys are great for keeping your cat's mind active while providing them with tasty morsels. Puzzle toys usually make your cat use their paws to fish treats out of a tight spot. 

Cat puzzle toys are simple and don't cost much, meaning you can buy your cat several puzzle toys to try over the holiday season. You could even get your cat a blue and white or red, black, and green puzzle toy to celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa!

Popular cat puzzle toys:

calico cat sitting on a cardboard scratchable cat lounger

Scratchable cat lounger

Scratchable cat loungers give your cat a place to play, scratch, and relax. They're usually a flat, curved shape with a scratchable surface. Some designs feature built-in toys and hiding holes to make your cat feel even more at home. 

If your fur-baby already has too many cat trees and toys, a scratchable cat lounger might make for a "pawsome" cat gift for Christmas. 

Popular scratchable cat loungers:

Homemade Christmas cat cookies

Some holiday gifts for cats might not feel very "purrsonal," so why not bake your kitten some delicious Christmas cookies? Homemade Christmas cookies are a fun way to show your tiny tiger they're your favorite fur-baby. Plus, they're a great way to test out your baking skills. 

Check your chosen ingredients are safe before baking any Christmas cookies for your kitten. Avoid ingredients like chocolate and raisins, as they're toxic to cats. And remember: cats can't taste sweetness, so stick to savory cookies for your feline friend. 

Check out our Christmas cookie recipes for cats for inspiration!

Hanukkah cat toys

Finding Hanukkah-themed ways to treat your cat over the Festival of Lights can be tough. Luckily, there are a few Hanukkah-themed cat toys on the market. 

You can buy your feline friend a squeaky toy shaped like a dreidel or a gelt to celebrate Hanukkah with your fur-baby.

Popular Hanukkah cat toys:

Self-cleaning litter box

A self-cleaning litter box is as much a gift for you as for your cat. These litter boxes automatically eliminate your cat's waste so that you can remove scooping poop from your daily routine. 

The best self-cleaning litter boxes are expensive but might be worth it if your cat is fussy about their litter and if changing cat litter is your least favorite chore. 

Popular self-cleaning litter boxes:

How are you planning to spoil your kitty this holiday season? Share your holiday gift ideas for cats with us in the comments or on Instagram @wag!

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