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Celebrating a Pet's Life on World Pet Memorial Day



Losing a pet is never easy. More than just animals in the house, they’re our trusted confidants, loyal supporters, true friends, and cherished family members. Our pets do so much for us, so their departure can leave a gaping hole in our hearts. 

World Pet Memorial Day, which is observed every year on the second Tuesday in June, was created to remember beloved pets who have passed away. Here are 10 ways you can honor your dog, cat, or other pet:

Take to social media

One of the simplest ways to celebrate your pet’s life is to post some of your favorite photos and/or videos of them on social media. In the caption, you can share some of your most precious moments with them and what made them special. You can also invite your friends and family to share what they love about your furry companion.

Make a scrapbook for your pet

For a more personal and fancier touch, you can design a scrapbook about your pet. Several websites let you create a digital scrapbook for free, including Canva and Smilebox. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not creative enough; there are various templates to help you get started. If you prefer working with your hands, you can take the traditional route and make a physical scrapbook.

Create a shadow box

A shadow box is a glass-front case that lets you display important mementos or memorabilia. Many pet memorial shadow boxes include a photo, a collar, and a clay paw print, while the bigger ones also contain the pet’s ashes and a favorite toy. Like a scrapbook, you can personalize your pet’s shadow box as well. Once it’s finished, you can mount it on a wall or display it on a shelf.

Tap into your creativity

Are you a writer, illustrator, or potter? There are many ways you can use your creative talents to honor your pet and share them with others. For example, you can write a short story, poem, or song about your furry pal. Or how about a comic strip featuring their antics and adventures? If you know how to work with clay, you can make a ceramic figurine of them.

Get inked

With a tattoo, your pet will always be with you. You can get a tattoo of their portrait, paw print, or name. Or it could be some other design that reminds you of your four-legged companion. Other people may not get it, but what matters is that it’s meaningful to you. 

Plant a tree

Planting a tree in your pet’s honor is a great way to not only celebrate their life but also help improve the environment. If you don’t have a garden or yard, there are businesses and charities that can plant trees on your behalf, even in other parts of the world. The Gifted Tree and the Arbor Day Foundation specifically offer pet memorial trees.

Support your dog park

Many dog parks rely on community donations for ongoing maintenance. If your canine companion’s favorite hangout is one of them, consider making a donation in their honor. Depending on the dog park, supporters may receive a personalized dog tag, website or newsletter recognition, or a commemorative plaque.

Helping other animals in need is a wonderful way to honor your pet. Animal shelters could always use contributions, whether in cash or in kind. Check your local shelter’s website or call them up to see if they have a wishlist.

Volunteer at your local shelter

Donating your time at an animal shelter may help with the healing process after the loss of your pet. Likewise, the shelter animals will enjoy receiving care and attention from you. If you’re not emotionally ready to interact directly with the animals, you can volunteer to do administrative or cleaning tasks instead.

If you can’t make it down to your local shelter, many rescues and shelters offer a pet sponsorship program. Some animals are very unlikely to be adopted due to medical or socialization issues; sponsoring them helps the shelter or rescue offset their expenditures and help more animals in need.

We hope these ideas provide you with support and comfort as you remember your dearest animal companion this World Pet Memorial Day.

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