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This Clever Man and His Dog Turn Heartbreak Into Art


On Rafael Mantesso's 30th birthday his wife left him taking everything in his apartment, all furnishings, artwork, and decor. Left alone with only his Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo (aka Jimmy the Bull) for company Mantesso decided to turn his heartbreak into cheeky wall art.

"With only Jimmy for company, I found inspiration in my blank walls and my best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy Choo as he trotted and cavorted around the house in glee," Mantessso writes. "When Jimmy collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, I grabbed a marker and drew a new world around his ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, I felt his long-dormant inspiration for drawing, for art, for life‚ÄĒreturning.

I created a series of fun, tongue-in-cheek illustrations, portraying my bull terrier dreaming of shoes, relaxing on a sofa with a martini by his side or turning canine DJ on the decks. Set against a matte white background, the illustrations are humorous and eye-catching juxtaposed with bright pops of iridescent color in hot pink, copper and electric blue. I added the best pictures of Jimmy to one book, which is coming on October."

Mantesso's book presents new and classic images of Jimmy and includes the backstory of how the two became such great collaborators. As heartwarming as it is hilarious, A Dog Named Jimmy will delight animal lovers everywhere.


(source: Bored Panda)

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