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Guest Blog Post on DIY Fun Crafts: How to Make an Easy Origami Dog Bookmark


Want to celebrate this craft month in style with your family? Why not create an origami bookmark that looks like your family dog!

It’s easy enough for kids and adults of all ages to create, and a great way to celebrate your pet and bring them with you wherever you happen to be reading. Even if you aren’t the biggest reader, this dog origami bookmark is still an adorable keepsake to remind you of your pet!

Want to learn how to make your own? Babysits and Wag! have teamed up to provide you this step by step guide for how to create an origami bookmark version of your dog!


  • A piece of paper (Cut the paper into a 6” x 6” square. This will be your base for folding!)
  • Materials to decorate your origami dog (colored pencils, markers, paint, etc.)
a DIY dog origami bookmark for your dog-loving friend or loved one for National DIY Crafts Day


  1. Fold the square in half diagonally, from corner to corner.
  2. Then repeat with folding diagonally from the other corners (this should leave a X-shaped fold in the center of the paper).
  3. After, fold two opposite corners into the center, so they just meet, and flip the paper over.
  4. Fold one of the new edges back to the centre line. Let the paper underneath flip out from the underside. Then repeat on the other side.
  5. Now fold in half horizontally.
  6. Fold the bottom tip of the top flap back to meet the top centre.
  7. Take the raw edges of the bottom tip that you folded up and fold them to meet the raw edges underneath (create “rabbit ears” with the middle flap). Repeat this on both sides and then open the folds.
  8. Squish the centre flap together (to create a square shape for the nose).
  9. Just below the ears, fold backwards horizontally (i.e. “mountain fold”).
  10. Then pinch the fold you just made and fold it back up (i.e. “valley fold”) just above it. (This will create the dog’s brow.
  11. Fold the area from the brow down where the eyes will be at an angle. (This is optional: usually this fold creates the dog’s eyes, but you can also draw these in).
  12. Fold the ears down or up depending on how your dog’s ears look.
  13. Fold the top triangular tip of the nose back (i.e. “mountain fold”).
  14. Then, fold the bottom triangular tip of the nose under.
  15. Finally, fold the bottom triangular point up (underneath the dog’s face). This step is optional depending on how long you’d like your bookmark to be.

Finally it’s time to decorate! Grab your drawing utensils, take a good look at your dog, and get coloring. (Is your dog too busy having fun or chasing their tail to be a model? Try following this basic guide to teach your dog to sit while you recreate them as a dog origami bookmark.)

And voila, there you have it! Your very own, personalized dog bookmark made from origami. This is also a lovely heart-felt gift for the dog lover in your life, so why not create an extra one for them? 

Did you enjoy making this craft?

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Instructions for the DIY dog origami bookmark for National DIY Crafts Month

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