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Everything You Need to Know About Russian Blue Kittens



The Russian Blue was once the favorite feline of Queen Victoria (she was a big dog lover, too!) and noble Russian czars. Thought to have originated in the town of Archangel, this special kitten is sometimes called the Archangel Cat.

Today, this elegant and charming cat is just as revered and adored as ever. They have an exotic look that makes them stand out, and their emerald eyes—well, that says it all!

Are you looking to adopt a Russian Blue kitten? We’ve got the full scoop on these enchanting and endearing cats. 

But first, remember to make your home Russian Blue-ready with the following tips:

  • Make sure you know what type of food your kitten is used to eating. Transitioning your kitty to another food takes time, and it’s best to ask the vet about suitable food for your new furry addition. best to ask the vet about suitable food for your new furry addition.

  • Always supply plenty of fresh water.

  • Provide your Russian Blue kitten with a comfy bed and a cat tree scratching post to climb. They enjoy high places.

  • Get your grooming essentials, including nail clippers and a comb or brush.

  • As with the food, start by using the litter your kitten is used to so that there will be no potty training issues.

  • Buy a gate to keep your kitten in one room if you need to go out. This will keep them safe until they get used to your home.

The Russian Blue makes the purr-fect pet and will work their way into your heart in no time!

Russian Blue kittens are naturals

What do we mean by that? The Russian Blue kitten came to be through natural selection, meaning there was no interference in their development. No cross-breeding or trying to make this cute kitten something they are not. They are naturally adorable.

Intelligence is a trait of the Russian Blue

This gorgeous cat is described as reserved, yet playful and they are super-smart, too. You can train a cat to listen to you, and if you choose the Russian Blue, the task will be even simpler.

Russian Blue kittens can be shy

In a study involving 5200 cats, it was revealed that the Russian Blue can exhibit traits of shyness around new people and even novel items. They can be a bit fearful at times, but once they get to know you, may show an extroverted side!

Russian Blue kittens can help you shake the blues

It has been said that this cat is pretty intuitive to the moods of their favorite humans and can sense when a person needs a little extra snuggle. That’s all the more reason to adopt one! You’ll have your feline pick-me-up, every time you need one.

The Russian Blue has no special grooming needs

This proud kitten loves to groom themselves and keep their sleek coat looking shiny and blue. Their coat is extra soft and plush, and they adore being petted and snuggled. Take them to the veterinarian regularly for vaccines and to check their teeth, and they will be healthy pet partners for life.

Russian Blues are always smiling

The unique way that the Russian Blue kitten’s whiskers are placed on their whisker pad gives them a fur-ever smile. Just seeing their captivating grin each morning will give you an amazing start to the day. The Russian Blue’s mouth has a natural upturn, said to give them a "Mona Lisa smile".

The Russian Blue kitten is considered hypo-allergenic

The Fel d 1 Protein is thought to be a major contributor to feline allergies in humans. It is believed that the beautiful Russian Blue is one of the few cats with low levels of the protein. In truth, there is still an allergic component to this kitten, but less so than with other cats.

The Russian Blue kitten looks regal

When you look closely at the stunning features of the Russian Blue, you’ll notice they have piercing emerald eyes. At birth, their eyes are yellow, unlike other kittens who are typically born with blue eyes. This elegant cat has a triangular-shaped face and large ears. 

Russian Blues like routine and hygiene

A calm home where they know what to expect is the chosen environment of these playful kitties. They don’t mind being alone but will be waiting for you at the door after work, ready to climb into your lap. They are happiest with a clean environment and are fastidious about their appearance. Keep the litter box clean as they fare best when their space is up to par.

Russian Blue cats have a long lifespan

The Russian Blue kitten who is well cared for, gets plenty of affection, and is kept safely indoors, can live to be over 20 years old! Regular veterinarian visits are a factor to this longevity, as is a healthy diet.

The Russian Blue likes to hunt

This inquisitive kitten has a prey drive. What is that, you ask? It’s an innate characteristic that gives them the love of chasing birds, mice, and any other fast-moving critter! Give your feline four-legger toys to play with and watch them go! Take some time to engage them in play every day and be entertained with their adorable antics. After playtime, store the toys so your kitten doesn’t eat any of the contents after destroying the toys in fun.

Russian Blue kittens like to eat

The Russian Blue kitten rejoices at mealtime and will let you know they are hungry. They can be vocal and won’t be shy when it comes to asking for dinner! Measure out their food, and always be careful not to overfeed them. This cute kitten can easily become overweight if you let them, possibly leading to future health issues.

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