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Gift Guide for Dog Lovers


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 01/21/2022, edited: 03/12/2024


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Searching for the "pawfect" Valentine's Day gift for your dog-obsessed spouse? Well, you've come to the right place. We've found 10 unique gifts that will make your valentine fall head-over-heels for you all over again. Read on for some awesome gifts that your loved one never knew they needed. Who knows? You might find something to add to your wish list too!

Dog-opoly board game

If your dog-loving date enjoys some friendly competition from time to time, this board game will be right up their alley! Dog-opoly puts a canine twist on the classic Monopoly concept and play style. Instead of collecting properties, you collect dog breeds, and rather than paying income tax, you pay vet bills. Just make sure you avoid the "go to the kennel!" space! And thanks to its great replay value, Dog-opoly will bring you and your honey hours of fun!

Wag! gift card

Wag! gift cards make a wonderful gift for the busy pet parents in your life. These e-gift cards can be used on any Wag! services, including training sessions, overnight pet care, walks, and drop-in visits. You can even send Wag! gift cards by email and include a thoughtful message to let your valentine (and their woofer!) know you're thinking about them.

Skechers BOBS Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker

Your dog-crazy sweetheart will go "mutts" for these cute and comfy memory foam sneakers from Skechers. The BOBS Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker features a colorful doggy collage design that will add pizzazz to any outfit. Plus, a percentage of the proceeds from every sale helps animals in shelters and underprivileged children.

Texts from Dog Day-to-Day Calendar

The Texts from Dog Calendar will not only help your love stay on top of important dates, but it will also offer insight into the fascinating (but mostly hilarious) minds of dogs. The calendar is inspired by the viral "texts from dog" memes made famous by October Jones. Every page features a different text message exchange between a dog and their parent and will bring humor to your valentine's desk for months to come.`

Express Dog Treat Maker

If your boo loves kitchen gadgets as much as they love spoiling their dog, they will adore this next gift. The Express Dog Treat Maker from Dash takes the work out of homemade dog treats and cuts down on cook time too!

It looks and functions like a waffle iron, but instead of waffle-shaped heating plates, it has bone-shaped grooves to ensure "pawfectly" uniform biscuits every time! The product's simple design makes it impossible to mess up fresh-baked treats. Simply plug it in, add your treat mix, and let it cook! The package even includes a dog treat recipe booklet to inspire your valentine's inner chef!

Personalized "barkuterie" board

2021 saw a massive resurgence of the charcuterie board — you know those fancy meat and cheese trays that took social media by storm? Well, Etsy seller Styles By Shannen took the charcuterie game to a whole new level. 

A personalized "barkuterie" board would be a whimsical but classy addition to your valentine's kitchen. This solid wood cutting and serving board features a hand-engraved image of a dog bone and can be personalized with your loved one's name or favorite phrase! This board comes in 3 different shapes and sizes and ranges from $45 to $75 depending on the size.

Dachshund ice cube molds

Add some spice to your darling's drink of choice with these adorable Dachshund-shaped ice cube molds by Enjoy Mold Art. These silicone molds are BPA-free, easy to clean, and will last your dog-loving companion for years to come. Plus, they're under $10! Throw in a bag of coffee and a bottle of flavored syrup for a "furbulous" iced coffee gift basket!

Chalkboard doggy milestone sign

What better way to commemorate a pup's milestones than with an adorable chalkboard sign like this one from Jenny Gems Home Decor? Not only are milestone signs a "woofderful" keepsake, but they also make cute photo props and dog birthday party decorations. Plus, this sign is reusable, so your love can update it as their dog grows and their interests change! Any doting dog parent will treasure this sign for years to come!

Matching dog bandana and hair scrunchie set

What pet parent doesn't love twinning with their terrier? Up your valentine's fashion game with this adorable matching dog bandana and scrunchy set from SewPeppermint. The bandanas range in size from extra small to extra large and come in several colors and patterns! The best part? The seller will even monogram or add your dog's name on the bandana free of charge!

Doggy Croc charms

If your sweetie is the crocs with socks type, this next gift is for them. These adorable doggy Croc charms are sure to add some flair to their favorite pair of clogs. These charms made by Verma Charms come in over 40 different styles and every breed you can think of! Whether your valentine fancies Frenchies or is nuts about Newfies, these charms will definitely bring a smile to their face!

Drop your fave gifts below!

Do you have a favorite dog-related gift you've received in years past? We'd love to see it! Share your fave Valentine’s Day gifts in the comments below or tag us on social media!

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