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Hanukkah Gifts for Dogs



Chag sameach! It’s nearly time to light the menorah, spin the dreidel, and fry up some latkes. Hanukkah is one of the most widely recognized Jewish holidays, complete with gift-giving, traditional games, and delicious food. If you have a dog, why not get your holiday hound involved in wishing everyone a Happy “Paw-nukkah”? We’ve sniffed out 8 Hanukkah gift ideas for dogs that you can give your pup during the Festival of Lights.

Dreidel Dog Toy by Multipet


Dreidel Dog Toy by Multipet is one of the most popular and highly rated Hanukkah dog toys on the market. This plush dreidel chew toy has a squeaker inside that plays the first couple of lines of The Dreidel Song whenever your pup bites down! Multipet sells a range of Jewish-themed dog toys, including gefilte fish and challah plush toys.

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Let's Get LIT Hoodie by fabdog


Keep your Hanukkah hound snug over the holidays with this fun and festive dog hoodie. This blue fur-lined hoodie is perfect for the cold weather, and it features a hilarious “Let’s Get Lit” slogan above a menorah. The Let's Get LIT Hoodie by fabdog is an adorable accessory for any doggo that doesn’t mind playing dress-up.

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These beautifully crafted Hanukkah cookies are the “ultimutt” gift treat for your dog during the Festival of Lights. These cookies by Wufers are decorated in traditional colors and are shaped like menorahs, dreidels, and the Star of David.

They’re made with high-quality ingredients that are safe for dogs and flavored with applesauce, cinnamon, and coconut. Before feeding your pup Hanukkah cookies, talk to your vet if you're unsure whether your dog has any food allergies.

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Hanukkah Dog Collar by Pawesome Pups Collars

With a Hanukkah Dog Collar, your dog can get in the Hanukkah spirit even while they’re out on walkies. These collars by Pawesome Pups Collars have a blue Star of David pattern and a removable stitched menorah or blue flower embellishment for some extra festive flare.

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8 Nights of Hanukkah Box by Zippypaws

The 8 Night of Hanukkah Box by Zippypaws is sure to fill your Hanukkah hound with excitement o every day of the Festival of Lights. Your woofer won’t feel left out while everyone else is opening presents, as they’ll have a surprise waiting on every day of Hanukkah. Each day contains a different Hanukkah plush dog toy, including a sufganiyat and a gelt.

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Best Buddy Bones by Exclusively Pet

If you’re strictly kosher, Best Buddy Bones by Exclusively Pet are the perfect Hanukkah treats for your dog. Best Buddy Bones are completely free from animal products and are made from human-grade kosher ingredients. Made primarily from wheat flour, cheese, vegetable fat, and sugar, they’re a tasty treat for your canine and ideal for Hanukkah. 

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Personalized Hanukkah Dog Bandana by Frisco

A festive bandana is another unintrusive way of dressing your doggo up for Hanukkah. The Frisco Personalized Hanukkah Dog Bandana is beautifully made and super stylish. It’s decorated with the Star of David on a blue background, and you can personalize with your furry pal's name. Your pup can wear it proudly while out and about or lazing around the house.

Latke the Lucky Dog Picture Book by Ellen Fischer

The Latke the Lucky Dog by Ellen Fischer is a unique Hanukkah gift for your dog. It’s a picture book about a dog named Latke that gets adopted for Hanukkah but has trouble following the house rules. Each day teaches young kids about the traditions of Hanukkah, and is one of the only Hanukkah books for kids about dogs. Curl up on the couch with your kids and canine to enjoy this adorable story.

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What Hanukkah gifts are you spoiling your pup with this year? Share with us in comments or on Instagram @wag!

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