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How to Show Appreciation for Your Dog Sitter



Before pet parents head off on vacation, their number-one concern is getting the best "pawssible" care for their fur-babies. From keeping your pupper company to taking them on adventure-filled walks, dog sitters ensure pet parents can rest easy while they're out of town. 

If your pet sitter has done an exceptional job of keeping Charlie's tail wagging recently, you might want to show some extra love to let them know they're valued and to make their day a little brighter. Here are a few ways you can show appreciation for your dog sitter after they've cared for your hound and home.

Send them a tip

While sending a tip is customary, you can always add an extra special bonus to your next dog sitting session. Whether it's an extra $10 or $100, your dog sitter is sure to appreciate being sent some extra cash as a sign of a job well done. 

If you're short on time or you're not a sentimental person, an extra tip is a superb way of showing your appreciation for your dog sitter.

Put together a gift basket

A fun, personal way of showing your dog sitter they've been doing a "pawsome" job is putting together a gift basket. You can fill your gift basket with snacks, bath bombs, a scarf, a houseplant — anything you think your sitter will love! 

Try to get to know your dog sitter first to see what they like. Then, leave the gift basket for them to find when they come to care for Fido, and they'll be greeted with a welcome surprise!

Send them a postcard from your travels

"Pawhaps" the most personal and adorable way of showing appreciation for your dog sitter is to send them a postcard from your travels. Once you arrive at your vacation destination, pick up a postcard and send it to your home but address it to your sitter. Before you leave, ask your sitter to look after your mail. They're sure to be surprised to receive a postcard addressed to them at your house!

Leave snacks for your sitter to enjoy

If you're just looking to make a small gesture, snacks are always a safe choice. Stock up your kitchen with lots of goodies for your sitter to snack on, and let them know to take whatever they please. You can also contact them beforehand on Wag! Chat to find out which snacks are their favorites!

Leave them a positive review and refer them to friends and family

There are few better ways of showing your appreciation than by helping a dog sitter find more clients. After your next sitting session, be sure to rate your sitter 5 stars on their Wag! profile. You should also consider recommending your dog sitter personally to family and friends to help them build their business.

Make their job easier

One way you can show your appreciation without a grand gesture is to make your sitter's job a little easier. Dog sitters tend to be very busy with multiple clients, so the less they need to do around your home, the better. 

Before leaving, make sure you do all the dishes, water your plants, take out the trash, and leave the house spotless. You can also tell your sitter not to worry about some chores so they have more time to spend with your pupper. It's not much, but your dog sitter is sure to appreciate the extra help.

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