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How to Start a Dog Boarding Business


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 05/06/2021, edited: 10/05/2022

Some of the best side hustle jobs have gone to the dogs, or should we say dog lovers! At this very moment, there are pet caregivers in your area getting paid to hang out with pooches. So why not join in the fun?

Imagine this: wearing comfortable clothes and tennis shoes to work, walking and playing with a happy pup, and lounging on a comfy couch while snuggling up to a loving furball who is so thankful you are there while their parents are away. Can you feel the furry love?

Whether you need a career change, some extra cash, or you just love being around dogs, dog sitting can be a great way to do all of those things while setting your own hours, and choosing who you work with. So why wait? You can start your dream of a dog sitting business today! Let’s see how.

Building a successful dog sitting business

Starting a dog sitting business can begin simply enough, by watching dogs in their own home while their parents are gone. Many people start by sitting for friends and neighbors.

Sounds easy, right? But like with any business, you’ll need to set some standard practices to keep your clients coming back for more, and to attract new ones to help your business grow. You can create those loyal relationships if you:

  • Practice pet sitting safety- Leaving their furbaby in someone else’s hands can be tough for most pet parents, but you can put their mind at ease by consistently using safe practices. Whether it’s proper leash technique, medical care, or keeping their home secure, pet parents become loyal clients when they feel safe in your hands.
  • Offer excellent 5-star service every time- Giving every client and their precious canine pal 5-star customer service during each interaction is the best way to build trust, and ensure a pawsitive experience for all. This is what keeps your clients coming back to you, and bringing their friends.
  • Go the extra mile- You should always be up front about what services you do and don’t provide, but pet parents will always appreciate when that service goes above and beyond. Let your business shine with simple additions like engaging in meet and greets, offering in-home help such as bringing in the mail, or adding services like dog walking, training sessions or boarding in your home.
  • Continue learning- Pet care is a broad field, but the more you know, the more you can offer your clients and their furbulous pooches. Always research any local certifications you may need, and seek out new skills such as CPR and first aid, or training that can enrich your client’s and their dog’s lives. These additions can set your dog sitting business apart from the competition.
  • Provide updates- Make your client’s time away less stressful by letting them know how safe and happy their dog is. The safer they feel with you there, the more likely they are to call you the next time they need care for their pup.

It’s easy to please a happy pooch and their pet pawrents if you remain consistent and compassionate during each and every dog sitting experience. But to run a successful business, you’ll also need to take care of the business side, which can include expenses, marketing and any licensing where you live.

So how do you enjoy the freedom of being an in-home dog sitter without all the business red tape? By joining a nationwide platform that boasts a good reputation and can instantly connect you to a host of available clients, that’s how!

Becoming a dog sitter with Wag!

When Pet Parents are searching for premium pet care, they turn to Wag! This nationwide pet care platform connects dog sitters, walkers, boarders and trainers to Pet Parents who have pet care needs. By using the furbulous Wag! App, you can easily attract clients and book jobs to help build your business, and have more time to focus on the fun part: taking care of adorable dogs.

With Wag!, you can:

  • Create a flexible schedule- Set the days and times you want to dog sit on your profile, and change it whenever your availability changes within moments. Traveling outside your hometown? Simply change your location to get requests wherever you go.  
  • Set your prices- Choose your prices, which can be adjusted anytime in the Wag! App. And you can even add on additional services to your profile, such as dog walking, boarding, training or even quick drop-ins.
  • Instantly connect with Pet Parents- Quickly browse dog sitting requests, and set up notifications for requests in your area. Easily communicate in real-time with Pet Parents to get more info about their dog, and to send picture, video and text updates during the sit. And you can even leave a detailed report card afterwards.
  • Choose your sitting job- With several dog sitting jobs available, you can choose those that best fit your skills or schedule. Plus, your loyal clients can make you their preferred dog sitter, which makes seeing their requests even easier!
  • Promote your business- With the Wag! App, you can link your profile to your own public websites, or share it with social media platforms to bring in even more clients. And if you want to post flyers in your neighborhood, the app can help you with that too!

Being a Pet Caregiver with Wag! means having the flexibility to choose when and how often you work, while enjoying all the benefits a trusted name can provide. With access to training, and a broad community of Pet Parents, Wag! makes it easy to get paid doing what you love.

Ready to get started? Join the 350,000 Pet Caregivers that are building their business with Wag!. Download the Wag! App on any device, and choose “Become a Dog Sitter” to begin your application today! 

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