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9 Common Traits of Top-Notch Dog Sitters


Published: 12/7/2020

Everyone wants a top-notch professional dog sitter, but how can you tell if your sitter is a top-tier candidate? We have a checklist to help you scope out the best local dog sitters near you. Here are the most common traits of top-notch dog sitters.

They have experience with all types of dogs

Every dog has different physical and emotional needs, which is why the best dog care experience has a dog sitter who is familiar with all types of dogs. Some breeds need more exercise to combat energetic outbursts or health problems, whereas others can't handle long walks. A top-notch dog sitter will ask questions when they need to, but they'll also be able to draw upon their experiences to care for your dog as best as they can. 

They’re punctual and have flexible availability

Top-notch dog sitters are always on time and are available on short notice. The last thing you want is to miss a flight because the sitter is running late. Have a meet-and-greet before the big day and see if they can keep scheduled appointments. The best dog sitters know that things come up and are also available for last-minute bookings.

They’re responsive

Responsiveness is essential when depending on a dog sitter. Every pet parent wants to keep an open line of communication with their sitter when they’re away. Wag! knows how important it is to stay in touch with your sitter, which is why we've built a chat feature into our app!

They’re patient

Like kids, dogs require a lot of patience — especially puppies and high-energy dogs. A top-notch dog sitter will be patient but consistent with them.

They know basic first aid and can administer medications

Scratches and bumps happen all the time, especially if you have a very active dog. When interviewing dog sitters, ask them if they have basic first aid knowledge for dogs. Keep a first aid kit handy for them to use if they run into a minor pet injury during the dog sitting service. 

Administering meds to dogs is challenging. A top-notch sitter will know how to give medications, from injections to pills. Even if your dog doesn’t have a chronic condition, your dog sitter should have experience administering medications. While not all sitters have experience giving meds, they should show an interest in learning how to do it correctly and make sure your pup stays on their schedule. 

They’re energetic

A sitter with a high energy level is essential for active dogs. A top-notch sitter will be able to keep up with your dog on walks and during playtime — for the most part, anyway.

They always obey your wishes

A top-notch sitter will always respect your wishes regarding your pup. Whether you ask that they not give your dog human food or ask them not to let the dog on the furniture, they'll make sure your wishes are fulfilled. This simple sign of respect is so important when depending on someone to care for your pet.

They’re trustworthy

A top-notch dog sitter is as trustworthy as they come. You’re leaving your fur-baby with them, so trust is absolutely paramount. Personal and professional references are an invaluable tool when determining if a prospective sitter is a trustworthy one. Wag! knows how crucial trust is when leaving your pup with a stranger; this is why we perform a background check on all applicants before allowing them on our platform.

They have a sense of humor

Dogs do silly and sometimes downright gross stuff; a sense of humor is needed to get through the day. Plus, it’s always nice to have someone who can keep you laughing.

Where can I find a top-notch dog sitter near me?

You’re already here! The dog sitters on the Wag! platform have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they’re suitable for your pup. Check out our dog sitting home page for more information about our overnight services.

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