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In a Walker's Words — Katie

In a Walker's Words — Katie

Editor's note: We regularly ask walkers with Wag! to tell us why they walk and what they enjoy about their work. Here’s what Katie, a part-time walker in New York City told us.

"I started walking in August 2018, as I love hanging out with dogs and getting exercise. Its been a fun experience so far!"

"I love exploring the different parts of Manhattan and seeing different neighborhoods, so walking a dog is just more fun. I also like the exercise."

"The first dog that I ever walked on the Wag! app was in Hoboken, New Jersey, and his name is Presley. Since he's the first dog I walked on the app, I consider him my BFF! Such a calm and sweet dog."

"Whenever I have a tough day, I'll see if there are any dogs to walk near me and they always brighten my day with their energy."

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