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It’s Halloween Season! 13 Foods That Your Pets Can Eat



It’s Trick or Treat season! Here at Wag!, we want to kick start the holiday spirit by sharing a list of food your best furry furriends can eat, to top on your dog’s dish this Halloween!

These pup-approved foods offer tasty tidbits of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbs that can benefit our pups, in contrast to the table scraps that your family and friends slip down under the table. 

Top 13 Foods Your Dogs Can Eat

#1: Apples (with seeds removed) 

#2: Pumpkin (both raw and cooked)

Suggestion: *One or two tablespoons are most what puppies and small dogs can handle. 

#3: Eggs

#4: Berries (in small quantities) 

#5: Carrots

#6: Sweet Potatoes

#7: Potatoes

#8: Bread (unsweetened)

#9: Squash

#10: Peanut Butter (raw, unsalted is the best)

#11: Tuna

#12: Corn

#13: Cheese (in small quantities) 


When feeding your furry buddy human foods, don’t give anything that is spiced. For example, when giving your dog canned pumpkin, it must be plain pumpkin, not spicy pumpkin intended for pie. 

Also, too many berries in your doggy’s diet is bad for your pup-- don’t overdo it. For instance, cranberries have natural sugar in them and high amounts of dietary fiber, which are hard to digest if you give your pups too many! Make sure you don’t give your dog any pits or large seeds!

And when looking for fruits in your grocery store, make sure they’re organic...strawberries have very high levels of pesticides when conventionally grown. Most fruits are often sprayed with a lot of pesticides that are toxic for your pup!

Happy Halloween!

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