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Jackie — A Brooklyn Dog Walker’s Story

Profile of local vetted, 4.9 star dog walker, Jackie, who walks dogs through the Wag! app in Brooklyn

Brooklyn dog walker Jackie can’t get enough of a good thing — when that good thing is walking dogs! 

“I really do love dogs,” Jackie said. “I was seeking a part-time summer job last year, and always had an interest in dog walking. I put myself out there on my own, and found a few clients, but wanted more, so I joined Wag!”

It worked — and Jackie is clearly good at what she does. She now has more than 350 walks under her belt — leash? — along with a near-perfect 4.99 out of 5.0 rating. 

Jackie is making friends with dogs, as well as their pet parents — through good times and sad. 

“One of the first dogs I walked through Wag! was a senior dog named Stella,” Jackie said. “I walked her quite a few times over a seven- or eight-month period.

“Then I noticed the pet parent requesting walks for a different dog. As it turned out, Stella had passed on. But I have now become a walker for their new rescue, Leland. I actually met the owner in person, the first time I walked Leland we chatted about Stella. It’s sad,  but I’m so happy to be a part of the new pup’s life!”

You’ll find skilled and experienced walkers with Wag!, like Jackie, across the country -- in small and large cities, in 43 states. They live where you live and walk your dogs where you walk your dogs. 

If you live in Brooklyn and want to take your dog on one of Jackie’s favorite walks, check out Transmitter Park in Greenpoint. “I love looking out at the water,” Jackie said. “Plus, it’s pretty small and not too distracting for the dogs like some bigger parks.”

Local vetted dog walker Jackie from Brooklyn stopping for a photo with her dog clients on their neighborhood walks

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