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Kitty Movie Night: Top 5 Documentaries to Watch with Your Cat


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 06/23/2022, edited: 06/23/2022


Documentaries are perfect to watch with your tiny tiger. While watching TV with your purring pal, you may have noticed them staring intently at the screen, like they're watching along with you. That’s because cats can make out images and shapes on TV and take a “purrticular” interest in other animals — especially other felines. 

People have definitely picked up that cats enjoy watching television. You'll find dozens of animal videos curated especially for kitties on YouTube and Instagram. This means your cat will likely love documentaries featuring animals, and you’ll have lots of laughs watching Luna’s reactions. 

Planning a night in with your feline friend? Check out these documentaries for cats which are sure to keep your kitty's attention!

The Lion in Your Living Room (2015)

Unlike our canine companions, cats have retained their wild side for thousands of years. The Lion in Your Living Room examines cat behavior and physiology to see how our four-legged friends are the perfect hunters, just like their untamed ancestors. 

This documentary is packed with interesting facts about cats, from their ability to always land on their feet to their super sensitive senses. This doc even travels to the Middle East to discover the origins of our feline friends. You'll learn lots about your little lion while watching this doc, and Felix will love watching all the cats on screen.

The Secret Life of the Cat (2012)

Ever wondered where your feline friend goes when they leave home? Then you might find The Secret Life of Cats enlightening. This doc follows a study observing 50 cats from the village of Shamley Green, Surrey, UK. 

Using modern surveillance techniques, including GPS collars and miniature cameras, this doc aims to learn precisely what our fur-babies get up to when they're roaming the neighborhood. You'll discover plenty about your cat's territory, hunting habits, and relationship with other felines. The Secret Life of Cats offers a unique insight into cat behavior, and you'll never look at your cat the same again.

Life (2009)

Let's face facts — nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough are the cream of the crop. There are dozens of fantastic David Attenborough nature documentaries available, and Life is one your cat is sure to love. 

This high-definition doc examines animals with extreme adaptations that make it easier for them to survive in the wild. It's perfect for cats as it features an episode about birds and one about fish, two things cats love to watch on television. Just watch out for your cat trying to lunge at a bird flying across the screen — we take no blame for broken TVs!

Cat People (2021)

Netflix's Cat People is a kooky doc about people whose lives revolve around their furry friends. Each episode follows the life of a feline enthusiast. Follow the escapades of a cat rapper, a cat circus, a surfboarding Bengal, and more.

Cat People is off-the-wall, hilarious, and surprisingly heartwarming. It's the kind of bingeable TV Netflix is famous for and is the perfect show to watch on a night in with Nala.

Big Cats (2018)

Even though the thumbnail of the video above shows the world's oh-so-adorable smallest cat, Big Cats is one doc that does what it says on the tin! This nature documentary captures never-before-seen footage of felines from around the world.

There's plenty for cat lovers to enjoy in this documentary, from the elusive Pallas's cat of Mongolia to the formidable lions of Tanzania. I watched this documentary with my cat, and take it from me — your cat won't be able to look away!

Got a favorite documentary you like to watch with your feline friend? Share with us in the comments or on Instagram @wag!

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