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Meet the Pets of Wag!


Written by Kim Rain

Veterinary reviewed by:

Published: 06/10/2022, edited: 08/26/2022


It’s no secret that we here at Wag! love dogs and cats! In fact, we’re pretty wild about all pets, and that’s because many of us share our lives with amazing critters ourselves! As Pet Parents, we strive to ensure the best life possible for our animal best friends, whether that’s providing the ultimate in entertainment, health care, and new experiences, or returning the love they give to us so unconditionally by giving them a safe and loving furever home. 

While we normally feature others' pawmazing pets, as well as tips on how to keep them healthy and happy, we'd like to turn the spotlight onto our own critter stars who inspire us to make sure that all pets are just as loved and pampered as they are. Ready for an inside look at the Pets of Wag!? Let's get started!

Meet Winston

Winston, a grey Schnauzer on pet parent's shoulder

Human owned: Gail James, Safety & Compliance Team

There’s a lot of spunk in this rambunctious Schnauzer who lives to play! Winston will let you know he’s having a blast by being very vocal, which can sometimes intimidate other pups at the dog park. But he’s found a soulmate in a deaf husky who doesn’t notice his outspoken demeanor, and the two are inseparable at the park where they play happily all day!

How does this playful pup get pampered? His human Gail is his groomer, so he gets the full spa treatment and a snazzy haircut! Gotta look great for the fans!

Meet Mouse

Mouse, a Golden Retriever posing for a pic

Human owned: Kaitie Edel, Communications Team

Mouse is a goofy Golden Retriever, and her name really fits because her humans have only heard her bark once! They were all out for a walk late one summer evening, and Mouse was walking along the edge of where the sidewalk meets the grass. Suddenly, the sprinklers started to pop up, and the second the water turned on and hit her underside, this demure pooch jumped 3 feet straight in the air and let out a big "BOOF!" She walks squarely on the sidewalk now.

Known for how much they spoil their people, this Golden gets pampered by spending time with her favorite uncle who cooks her chicken breast and green beans. Yum!

Mouse is also a rescue pup who spent nearly 100% of her life in a crate. A lack of exercise and restricted space while she was growing caused her to develop hip dysplasia. In addition to swimming and a healthy diet, her vet recommended frequent, short walks to strengthen her hip muscles. That's where dog walkers with Wag! have come to the rescue to help her parents ensure she gets plenty of exercise. Keep those paws moving!

Meet Starlight

Starlight, a fluffy dark-colored cat getting petted by girl

Human owned: Emily Gantt, Content

Anyone who takes one look at this regal and fuzzy kitty is sure to beg for a smoosh! But this sneaky feline has more up her paw than just snuggles. Once when her human Emily was bringing in groceries with a toddler in tow, Starlight found a huge pack of raw chicken, ripped it open, and began the buffet! She was halfway finished with one of the chicken breasts when she was caught- but all Emily could do was laugh! Cats will be cats, after all!

How does Starlight get the royal treatment? Her humans fix her plenty of grilled foods to keep her satisfied and purring. Lucky cat!

Meet Goji

Goji, a brown dog, looking out the window - Meet the Pets of Wag!

Human owned: Aurus Sy, Content Team

Goji is a walking, barking paradox, as her human puts it. She's a velcro dog who loves to stick by her parent, but isn't really a fan of pats or cuddles. She gets startled by small sounds, but isn't afraid of booming fireworks. And she likes meeting new dogs, but doesn't want to socialize too much, preferring only a few seconds of butt sniffing, please and thank you! She's hilarious and makes Aurus laugh every day! 

This bright-eyed pup is up for adventure, on her terms, of course! Luckily, she’s got a woofderful human who knows a lot about how to keep a pup healthy and happy. Enjoy the love, pawdorable pup!

Meet Kenny

Kenny, a yellow labrador retriever, sitting on couch looking at a laptop

Human owned: Beth Rescigno, Accounting Team

Kenny may be a gorgeous, blond beauty, but there’s brains in that head too! Aspiring to be Wag!’s new accountant, he often helps out his human Beth work the books for the most barkingly fun pet site around. Watch out if he gets bored, though, as he’s been known to eat tv remotes!

Luckily, he gets regular drop-in visits from Ashley and Shay, two pawmazing dog sitters with Wag! Getting some exercise and excitement from these animal enthusiasts while Beth is at the office ensures the remotes stay safe, and the pampering continues!

Meet Hank

Hank, an orange tiger striped cat, sitting on table with pumpkins

Human owned: Lianne Glienke, Marketing Team

Staring into the eyes of this breathtakingly beautiful orange tiger can be hypnotizing. But there’s a lot of mischief and fun behind those peepers. While the pawfect choice for Halloween pics, this kitty would rather play with a chapstick holder! The slippery container remains just out of grasp, and Hank loves chasing it all over the place! Move over paper wad, a new cheap toy has taken the throne!

Hank won the jackpot when it comes to furever homes. He gets pampered with bites of safe human foods, and gets to enjoy Drop-in visits from furbulous pet caregivers with Wag! to keep him fed and entertained when his own humans are away. Let the purring begin!

Meet Ahri

Ahri, a brown dog, standing on a rocky hill overlooking a desert scape with goggles on

Human owned: Lyssa Le, Safety & Compliance Team

Ahri is simply the best dog anyone could ask for, according to her human Lyssa. Smart, resilient, very easy to work with and train, this pooch is also great with all animals, and is just the biggest love bug you’ve ever seen! Lyssa pampers this pup back with new chews from her favorite chew company, plenty of new treats, a plethora of toys, and a few new items for her adventuring, like new doggles and a collar. This lucky pup is also getting a new dog room where she can store all her things!

What’s the secret behind Ahri’s pawmazing disposition? Plenty of socialization, including dog walks with Wag! Lyssa loves watching how Ahri interacts with other people, and it helps her see if she needs to adjust a training plan to keep this pup easy to work with.

Meet Boo

Boo, a white, brown and black cat, being cuddled by her pet mom and dad

Humans owned: Mel and Adam Lee-Smith, Content Team

Boo, a 6-year-old calico, is a world traveler with her very own passport that she needed to move from England to Ireland with her humans. Diagnosed with patellar luxation as a kitten, her legs are ever so slightly bowed, but she doesn’t let that stop her from her kitty antics! She’s also well-versed in English, and seems to know just what Mel and Adam are talking about. Did we mention she also loves music? Curling up on the back of the couch is her furvorite spot to listen to her pet parents play guitar and banjo.

Perhaps, though, this cute kitty’s happiest moment is curling up in her human’s lap after breakfast for a cat nap — even if that means waking up the human!

Meet Scout

Scout, a black and white dog, laying on a lawn with a ball between his paws

Human owned: Tom Ogata, Engineering Team

Bright-eyed with a gorgeous coat, Scout looks like a charmer! But he’s really all about the game! Playing is this dog’s thing, but he does set himself apart from the pack. According to his human Tom, Scout plays catch instead of fetch, so he’s the pawfect pup to perfect your pitch with! What does Tom do to ensure his dog is the happiest canine on the block? Why, extra play times, of course!

Meet Lego

Lego, a Golden Retriever, laying on a lawn

Human owned: Kim Rain, Content Team

Lego is a penultimate Velcro dog, who literally never leaves his human’s side. Ready for cuddles on demand, catching the frisbee at all times of the day and night, bounding through the snow in winter, and playing with any nice pup, kitty or human he sees, he does have a secret… This pup is scared of everything, and we mean everything! From water dishes to his own body, this dog was born nervous. Lucky for this pup, Kim makes sure he gets plenty of confidence building adventures, lots of socialization, and tons of treats to encourage his curiosity.

With all the love and pampering this pup gets, Kim and the fam all know they are really the lucky ones, as Lego shows them every day how beautiful and healing love from a dog can be. Snuggle on!


Whether you want to pamper your pet for National Love Your Pet Day in February, National Pet Month in May, Pet Appreciation Week in June, or just because any time of year, we’ve got you covered at Wag! Show your pawfect pet how much they are loved with new adventures, new games, new treats, plenty of exercise, pet-movie nights for both your kitty and pup, and of course, lots and lots of love. 

From all of us at Wag! to all of you, let’s ensure our pets are the luckiest around! Download the Wag! app today to make pet parenthood even easier!

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