Top 11 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy

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Do you want a dog that will follow you anywhere, sleeps right by your side, or is truly a lap dog? These extra clingy dogs, often called Velcro dogs, just have to be near their humans all the time to be happy. If you go to the bathroom, they are there. When you get up and walk, you may even trip over them. These dog breeds love their humans above all else. If you want a furry bestie who is always right by your side, check our these top 11 dog breeds that are extra clingy. 

#1 Vizsla

Known as the ultimate Velcro dog, this Hungarian breed is literally attached to their owner, and is happiest when right by your side. They were bred for falconry, and still have tons of energy, so this pup is best for people who enjoy active lifestyles. The Vizsla is your wingman for hiking, swimming and hunting, and will be your loyal cuddle buddy too.

#2 Labrador Retriever

The number one dog in America many years in a row, this pooch loves to be pampered. Labradors may be a bit big to be a lap dog, but you cannot tell them that because they’ll try to sit in your lap every chance they get. Their attention to their human is what makes them a great therapy and service dogs too.

#3 Border Collie

It's no wonder this pup is focused wholly on you- the workaholic of the dog world was bred to keep an eye on its most prized possession at all times. These high energy herders want nothing more than to please their people, so if you have a Border Collie in your life, be prepared to have a shadow wherever you go.
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#4 Maltese

One of the earliest breeds to be bred as a lap dog, this adorable and perky pup is tiny and travel-sized so you can take them everywhere. This may be by design, because the Maltese needs to be with you. All the time. If you want a clingy dog that always keeps you smiling, this is a good choice.

#5 Golden Retriever

The second most pupular breed of all time, the Golden sticks to their people like glue. Sweet, gentle and oh so loyal, this is a dog who wants to be doing whatever you are doing, wherever you are doing it. A pawfect choice for service work, this pup wants nothing more than to be by your side.

#6 German Shepherd

Many people think of German Shepherds as guard dogs, but the reason they are good at guarding is because they love their human so much. These dogs have to be with you all the time. After all, how are they supposed to protect you if they are not with you 24/7?

#7 Pug

Pugs are revered for their unique flat noses and wrinkled faces, which they will point in your direction often. This is a happy pup who will ignore playtimes at the dog park to be by your side. Want a cuddle buddy who won't quit? Try getting this furball off your lap!

#8 Shetland Sheepdog

This Scottish herder kept livestock in line on the Shetland Islands, but is happy to keep an eye on you wherever you go. A true Velcro dog, the Sheltie is an excitable pup who intensely loves their family. They can be noisy though, and have been known to nip at objects and children, as if herding them too!

#9 Italian Greyhound

At half the size of their racing cousins, Italian Greyhounds want to be in a lap at all times. These timid pups are loving and playful, and live to please you. Very dependent on their owners, they despise being left behind, so be sure to include this clingy furry friend in whatever you are doing.

#10 Doberman Pinscher

Another breed meant to guard, this pup also loves you so much, he keeps an eye on you at all times to keep you safe. Not particularly an outdoor dog, the Doberman wants to be inside with you, snuggling, playing and watching. Loyal to a fault, this loving pup will always be there.

#11 Australian Shepherd

What can we say, herders are automatic Velcro pets! Aussies are super energetic dogs that are bred to be ever watchful, and will cling like plastic wrap to their families, even ignoring other dogs to keep watch over you. Be sure to keep them occupied though, as they need lots and lots of exercise!