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Meet Ashley - a Atlanta Wag! Dog Walker Spotlight Story



Howdy! We're back with another Pet Caregiver Spotlight story, to spotlight top, pawsome Pet Caregivers around the nation who provide pet care on the Wag! platform! This time, we're featuring Ashley — a pup-loving dog walker from Atlanta, Georgia. Ashley's impressive record as a dog walker consists of completion of 1429 dog walks with Wag!, excellent report cards, and—of course, a loving and caring heart that loves and cares for all pets!

We've asked Ashley a series of fun questions to get to know her better! Here's what we asked her.

Dog walker Ashley's detailed report card has 1429 completed dog walks and services in walking, boarding, sitting, and drop-ins!

The Pet Caregiver Spotlight Interview

Hi Ashley! To start, are you native to Atlanta? If not, where are you from?

Ashley: I have lived in the Atlanta area for 20 years, so I would say I'm a native now.

Dog Walker Julie walks her local dog and cat clients in the neighborhoods of Atlanta, Georgia

What inspired you to sign up to work with Wag!?

Ashley: When I finally resigned from my long hour office job, I decided becoming a Wag walker was the first thing I wanted to start doing with my free time. I love dogs and taking care of them. I love every one of them as if they were my own.

How did you hear about Wag!?

Ashley: Back in 2017 I was working a 12-to-16-hour job and needed someone to let Yuna out for a walk during the day. That was when I signed up for Wag as a pet parent.

Do you have any dogs of your own or have you had in the past?

Ashley: I have owned several dogs throughout my life, but currently own a white Siberian Husky named Yuna and a black Cocker Spaniel named KJ aka “Buddy”. Yuna will be 10 years old this year and KJ will be 17 years old. Yuna even has her own Instagram page @life_with_yuna. We also have three cats and a large fish tank.

What's your favorite thing about Walking with Wag!?

Ashley: Besides getting to see all the adorable pup faces every day, I love the flexibility of the times and areas I can work. I’ve traveled all the way up to Virginia and was easily able to pick up walks while on vacation.

If you could give any advice to a brand new Pet Caregiver working with Wag!, what would it be?

Ashley: Be patient! It takes time to build up your clientele. Some dogs can be nervous with new people walking them, but being patient makes all the difference in the world.

Lastly, what's your story?

Ashley: I have lived in the Atlanta area for most of my life, and I’ve always had a love for arts, music, and mathematics. I pushed myself through higher education and found myself growing and experiencing all the opportunities that were provided to me. As my family moved away when I was older, I found myself more and more making connections with wonderful new people where they became my second family. I'm currently doing something I've always loved, which is watching and caring for animals. I believe God created the animals before us and that it is our responsibility to take care of them. I intend to continue to grow the love I have for people and animals into a business one day. I am excited and have perseverance for what the near future holds!

Thank you, Ashley! That's a wrap. We're blessed to have dependable Pet Caregivers like Ashley in Atlanta who provide 5-star awesome care to furbabies on our Wag! platform. If you're in the area, book a walk with Ashley!

Not a resident of Atlanta? Find a top dog walker near you! Happy walkin'!

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