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Meet Janet - a Buffalo, New York City Dog Walker Spotlight Story



Happy holidays from Wag! 

If you know anything about New York City, it’s probably that New York City's an expensive place to live. The high cost of living forces a lot of folks to work a lot, and hustling that much means you can’t always be there for your four-legged family member.

Meeting new dogs to bring joy to their lives

Enter Janet, a New York City dog walker who’s been walking dogs on the Wag! platform since 2019. In her time on the Wag! platform, Janet has had more than 1,570 dog walks, and her overall rating is 5 out of 5 stars. 

Here is a series of fun questions we've asked Janet to get to know her better.

New York City dog walker Janet has done more than 1,570 dog walks and reviews earning her a 5.0 star rating - book a walk with one of Wag!'s top dog walkers in New York!

The Pet Caregiver Spotlight Interview

Hi Janet. What inspired you to sign up to work with Wag!?

Janet: I love dogs and thought that working for Wag! would be a wonderful way to meet new dogs and bring some joy to their day while their humans are busy. 

Buffalo, New York City dog walker Janet walks her ocal dog clients in the neighborhoods of NY - book a walk with our top dog walkers in NY

Do you have any dogs of your own or have you had in the past?

Janet: I have one senior rescue dog named Goldie. Our family dog, Dorothy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2016.

What’s your favorite thing about Sitting with Wag!?

Janet: I love really getting to know my client and provide him or her with a great time while his/her humans are away on vacation or busy with work.

Hardest part about sitting dogs?

Janet: The hardest part about sitting dogs is saying goodbye!

How do you prepare for your dog sitting services?

Janet: To prepare for dog sitting services, I always reach out to the parent in the Wag! chat to learn as much as possible about their dog’s likes and dislikes.

If you could give any advice to a brand new Pet Caregiver, what would it be?

Janet: My advice to a brand new Pet Caregiver is to always communicate with the parent. Safety and happiness are so important for your client and asking questions or sharing concerns with the pet parent is extremely beneficial to creating a wonderful experience!

Are you native to New York City? If not, where are you from?

Janet: I am from Buffalo, NY but also lived for many years in Boston, MA.

What’s your story?

Janet: I am a retired teacher and love all of my clients with Wag!. I have always loved animals- especially dogs! 

What do you do in your free time?

Janet: In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music and nature walks.

Where is your happy place?

Janet: My happy place is home relaxing with my dog. 

A big thank you to Janet for letting us spotlight her! We're blessed to have dependable Pet Caregivers like Janet who provide 5-star pawtastic care to our furry friends on our Wag! platform. If you're in New York City and thinking of traveling for the holidays, book a sitting service with Janet!

Not a resident of New York City? Find an on-demand dog sitter near you! Happy holidays!

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