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Need a Pick-Me-Up? Check Out These 5 Incredible Mutts!


Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 07/29/2022, edited: 12/08/2023


Mutts, or mixed-breed dogs, are simply pawsome! Whether they’re a cross between two breeds or a “supermutt” of unknown origins, these pups make woofderful additions to the family thanks to their unique looks and personalities. 

There are many reasons to love a mutt—they tend to be healthier, require fewer trips to the vet, and are just as loyal and intelligent as their purebred counterparts. Sadly, they still tend to get overlooked at shelters, which is why National Mutt Day was created. Celebrated twice a year on July 31st and Dec 2nd, this special day aims to raise awareness about these special dogs. 

Check out these 5 incredible mutts who will surely put a smile on your face!

Brave Clover

Clover is a Maremma mix who was rescued by the Moores when she was just a puppy. One morning, she and her human sister Haley were walking around their Ottawa neighborhood when Haley suddenly had a seizure and collapsed to the ground. This incredible dog rushed to Haley’s side right away to check on her. She then pulled her leash free from Haley’s hand and ran to the middle of the road, and when a truck came around the corner, she walked right in front of it to stop it. Dryden Oatway, who was on his way to work, saw the big white pooch and got out of his truck to help. 

As more people came to Haley’s aid, Clover ran back home to alert the rest of her family, and led them to the spot where Haley had fallen. Fortunately, the paramedics had arrived by then. Haley and her family didn't know what Clover had done until later that night until security footage showed her brave actions to save her human. Haley credits Clover for saving her life, and the heroic mutt got a steak dinner as a thank you.

Energetic Gobi

Gobi is a petite desert mutt who went from being a stray to an international star after striking up a friendship with ultrarunner Dion Leonard. Dion, who was running a race across the Gobi Desert in China, crossed paths with the pup about halfway through. She followed him all the way to the finish line, with the pair going over mountains, across sand dunes, and through yurt villages side by side for almost 80 miles.

After the race, Dion headed back to the UK while Gobi stayed behind in quarantine. However, she soon went missing, prompting Dion to fly back to China to look for her. They were reunited 10 days later and have been inseparable ever since. Dion and Gobi’s story has become a bestselling book, and the duo have traveled to many more places together; fans can keep up with their latest adventures on Instagram.

Heroic Ruby

Ruby was a former shelter dog who had been adopted and returned five times before she was a year old. All the families who returned her said she was “unmanageable,” but shelter volunteer Patricia Inman believed that she just hadn’t met the right person who could handle her energy. That person would turn out to be Corporal Dan O'Neil, who adopted the Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix with the intention of joining the K-9 unit of the Rhode Island State Police.

Over the next 10 years, Dan and Ruby went on to solve cases and find missing people. One of the missing persons that Ruby found was the teenage son of Patricia, the shelter volunteer who worked hard to help get her adopted. This incredible moment led to Ruby winning the American Humane Hero Dog Award for Search and Rescue in 2018. The 2022 film Rescued by Ruby is based on Dan and Ruby’s story.

Intelligent Bunny

Bunny is a Pit Bull mix who used to be a stray. According to her dad Chad Mason, he was just moving into his new home when she ran up to him and curled up under his leg. He initially took her to the Stark County dog warden, but decided to adopt her a week later. 

A few months after adopting Bunny, Chad had a stroke inside his home. The black and white pooch immediately knew something was wrong and raced out the front door as soon as Chad managed to open it. Her barks for help were heard by neighbor Misty Gore, who called an ambulance and sat with Chad and Bunny until help arrived. 

Chad believes he wouldn’t be alive if it hadn’t been for the former stray pup, and he hopes his story encourages more people to adopt shelter dogs.

Globe-trotting Savannah

Savannah is the first dog to walk around the world. The light brown mutt was only a small puppy when her dad Tom Turcich adopted her from an Austin shelter in 2015. At the time, Tom was four months into his journey hiking around the world and thought it would be nice to have a dog who could protect him when camping in strange places. At the beginning, Savannah would walk a bit then ride in Tom’s cart when she was tired. Eventually, she was keeping pace with Tom, walking 20 to 30 miles a day.

In May 2022, Tom and Savannah completed their World Walk, documented on YouTube and Instagram, when they arrived in Tom’s native New Jersey. The pair had walked 28,000 miles across 6 continents and 38 countries over 7 years. Though Savannah is no longer covering double-digit miles, she is still an active pooch, enjoying 4-mile walks every morning with her granddad. 

Are you the proud parent of an incredible mutt? Share your mixed-breed pup's story with us on social media—remember to tag #wagwalking or @wag on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed!

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