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New Dog Tag Gives Lost Pups a Smarter Way Home

Dog tags to prevent a dog from getting lost

By Hilary Schneider, CEO, Wag!  

Wag! is all about dogs — and making sure they get the love and care they need. Just like the pet parents and walkers who use Wag!, we care passionately about their health and safety.

Our love for dogs is what led us to launch the Wag! Tag. It’s a smarter dog tag that’ll help a lost pup return home more quickly. That’s because the Wag! Tag allows a pet parent to share a lot more information than is possible with a traditional dog tag. 

Every year, more than 3.5 million dogs go missing in this country. With the Wag! Tag, we hope to help more of them get home.

How the Wag! Tag works

The Wag! Tag is simple to use. As a pet parent, just use your smartphone camera to scan the code on the tag and you’re able to easily create your dog’s profile with all the information you want to include — emergency and veterinary contacts, vaccination history, food and medicine allergies, and other relevant notes.

If your dog ever goes missing, the person who finds your pup can easily scan the Wag! Tag with their smartphone to instantly access the dog’s profile and contact you. The additional information on the profile can help that person contact someone else if you’re not available, as well as ensure your dog receives good care until you’re reunited.

Let’s start with shelter dogs

We’re launching the Wag! Tag today in celebration of National Dog Day on August 26. And we’re starting by providing them free of charge to animal shelter and rescue organizations across the country. When these great groups place dogs in their forever homes, we want the pups, if they ever go missing, to quickly reunite with their families. 

If you’re with a shelter or rescue group, you can order Wag! Tags for your group here. We’ll make Wag! Tags available to U.S. pet parents in just a few weeks. In the meantime, you can learn more here.

Launching with rescue organizations builds on our long-time commitment to helping rescue dogs. Wag! donates a portion of our walk proceeds to feed these pups, and through our partnership with the nonprofit GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank, we’ve provided more than 8 million meals to shelter dogs. 

Coming soon to you and your pup!

We’re excited about what’s ahead. We look forward to sharing the Wag! Tag with you and your dog. As you can see below, my Sadie already has hers! You can learn more in today's news release.

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