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10 Pawesome Pit Bull Facts



Pit Bulls may very well be the most misunderstood dog breeds out there. Whether you’re pro-pit, or prefer the company of a more docile dog, there’s no denying the natural talent found in these magnificent creatures. Read on to learn about fun pawesome facts about the dog breed, Pit Bulls!

Fact #1: Pit Bulls are just about the nicest dogs out there

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! In a behavioral test performed by the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls placed second with an 83.4% pass rate, beat out only by the Labrador Retriever, and outperforming breeds like the Border Collie and Miniature Schnauzer.

Fact #2: The largest Pit Bull in the world is 174 lbs

Meet Hulk, the largest Pit in the world! Weighing in at a whopping 174 pounds (and still growing!), Hulk shares his home in New Hampshire with owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan. While trained by his owners as a protection dog, Hulk is a gentle giant and playmate to the Grennan’s son, Jordan. Hulk is even a loving father to his litter of 8 puppies!

Fact #3: The US Army used the Pit Bull as a mascot for propaganda posters during WWI and WWII

Pit bulls made an appearance on recruiting and propaganda posters during World War I & II. The posters featured images of dogs to symbolize different countries, where the Pit Bull characterized the United States for their loyalty, determination, and bravery.

Fact #4: Pit Bulls can climb walls over 12 feet tall

Among other amazing physical attributes, Pit bulls also happen to be fantastic climbers. Their incredible strength and agility allows them to scale walls other dogs wouldn’t dare. Ambitious pit bulls can show their strength in local climbing events, but be warned, the competition is fierce! Antara, of Comalcalco, is Mexico’s Grand Champion of Vertical Wall climbing and has brought home a huge haul of awards and honors for her record breaking 12 foot climb.

Fact #5: They are wonderful therapy dogs

Often thought of as aggressive or even dangerous, you may not expect to find pit bulls serving as therapy animals. However, these highly intelligent beasts are perhaps the most loving and affectionate animals around. Their sense of humor and puppyish demeanor make them the perfect candidates to provide emotional support for humans in hospitals, retirement homes, and schools.

Fact #6: They have human-like emotions

Pit bulls have the largest range of emotions of any dog in the world. What may appear as stubbornness, is actually hurt feelings of an overly sensitive beast. Pit bulls are less likely to act out when they don’t get their way, but instead might give you the canine version of the silent treatment. Luckily, pit bulls are quick to forgive and forget - a trick not always mastered by their human counterparts.

Fact #7: Pit Bulls are used as narcotic and bomb sniffing dogs

Intelligent, energetic, and blessed with a keen sense of smell, pit bulls have served for decades alongside law enforcement sniffing out drugs and explosives, undoubtedly protecting many lives. The largest recorded drug find in Texas history was by Popsicle, the hero pit that discovered over 3,000 lbs of cocaine.

Fact #8: Pit Bulls work in search and rescue

Pit bulls have quite possibly the strongest work ethic of any dog breed, which most likely comes from their determination to please their loved ones. These athletic animals make for great partners in the field. They thrive on action and can work under severe conditions and extreme stress. Risking their lives to save our’s, there’s no doubt these dogs are truly man’s best friend.

Fact #9: Pit Bulls are great with kids

In the early 20th century Pit Bulls were rightly considered the perfect "nanny dogs" or "nursemaids"  for children due to their loving nature, loyalty and stability. Irresponsible dog ownership and negative media attention has since tarnished the reputation of a breed formerly considered “America’s Dog”.

Fact #10: There are an estimated 3 million plus Pits in the United States

Pit Bulls have become one of the most ubiquitous dogs in the United States. It’s estimated that there are at least three million Pit Bulls in the United States, and account for 5-10% of the overall dog population. Sadly, Pit bulls also make up roughly 30-50% of the dog shelter population but are only the third most popular dogs to be adopted.  

To give a loving fur-ever home to one of the millions of Pit Bulls currently being cared for at a dog shelter, visit the Animal Shelter Directory to find one in your area. 

To get your daily fix of cute Pit Bull pics, be sure to check out our pals at Pit Bulls of Instagram!

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