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Puppy Cams — Your Dose of Adorable


If you need a dose of the warm fuzzies, we're here to help! With this list of puppy (and dog) cams, furry, adorable, sweet creatures are just a click away. Tuning in is strangely addictive and super wholesome!

You can probably guess what to expect: pink noses, wrinkly faces, playful pups, caring momma dogs, and 100% pure puppy curiosity. And in some cases, older dogs who can be just as engaging!

Unleash your full potential by puppy watching

Not convinced that puppy cams are the best thing since bully sticks? Believe it or not, they're good for you! The Association of Psychological Science has found that watching puppies improves your focus and work performance. These warm bundles of joy light up your subconscious and improve your overall disposition. Side effects include ear-to-ear grins, laughter, and increased mindfulness for a period afterward.

Now, if your boss catches you streaming puppies, you can say that you’re actually improving your work performance with a puppy break.

Editor's note: We've found that puppy and dog cams can be hit or miss. Sometimes, there's no action — puppies gotta rest, right? — the cameras aren't on (#technology), and sometimes streaming budgets get cut. But if one of the links doesn't give you a good dose of dog, click the next one. Sooner or later, you'll find a cam that's up, running, and delivering just what the dog-tor ordered! 

Our recommended puppy cams

  1. 75th and Paws Doggy Daycare • New York City, New York
    We know it might seem odd to watch other pet parents’ dogs at daycare, but 75th and Paws’ webcam makes our list because it is fascinating to see so many dogs interact, play, and lounge about while their parents work. This New York City webcam features an abundance of canine activity. Some dogs stare longingly into the camera while others pounce, roll, and wrestle. There’s a flavor of activity for every viewer!

  2. Puppy Playroom at Warrior Canine Connection  • Brookeville, Maryland
    Want to see a batch of doughy-eyed puppies ready to take on the world with wounded warriors? We linked to the puppy playroom, but you’ll find three other amazing cams to explore. From the whelping room, where the most petite pups wriggle around to the outdoor puppy pen and nursery, these brave little pups provide viewers with hours of entertainment!
  3. Maximilian Schnauzers’ Birthing and Maternity Ward • Sanford, Florida
    Just press play and watch these sweet Schnauzers prepare for their puppies or nurse and groom their most recent arrivals. 

  4. Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach • Daytona Beach, Florida
    This Puppy Cam through the EarthCam network lets you watch an adorable, adoptable puppy relax, become filled with excitement when visitors pass and just partake in some silly puppy play while waiting to find a forever home.

    This cam does have a brief ad play before connecting you to the live stream, but the live stream is reliable and unique.

  5. The Dog Habitat at Animal Humane Society • Twin Cities, Minnesota
    Wagging tails and eager eyes: this webcam features the joy of dogs finding their forever families at the Animal Humane Society. In this room, you can see dogs meet, greet, and play with each other as they celebrate second chances and the bliss of being dogs.

  6. Old Friends Senior Dogs Live Cam • Mount Juliet, Tennessee
    These pups may be a bit gray-around-the-muzzle, but boy are they fun to watch. Watch these senior dogs enjoy another chance at happiness as they navigate furniture, play in the yard, or greet one another in the gathering room. 

    These three cams give you a glimpse into the personalities of dogs that were deemed ‘unadoptable’ due to their ages. But their ages don’t slow them down! They have plenty of love to share with their caretakers and other canine buddies at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.

So, bookmark these for exam time or cast one of these cams to your tv before having guests over. If you need a smile, a break from work, or you just want to satisfy your desire to adopt an entire litter of puppies, these puppy cams are worth their weight in, well, puppies.

Main image: Puppy Playroom at Warrior Canine Connection

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