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How Service Dogs Help with Anxiety and Depression


Dogs have long been mans' best friend and service dogs take that friendship even further. These dogs are some of our most important allies in fighting anxiety and depression. A service dog can offer a comforting touch when they know their owner feels down. Properly trained service animals are reliable companions who can spot signs of emotionally upheaval and difficulty when they arise.


People often have depression for various reasons, and in many cases, develop depression symptoms after an illness or injury. The benefits of service dogs include:
  • Providing comfort to ease everyday depression or anxiety symptoms.
  • Offer companionship that people dealing with depression often lack.
  • Service dogs can learn to help spot where their owners are coping with severe depression symptoms and help them overcome the symptoms.
  • Caring for a dog might help provide the motivation they need to get up and about.


Many people suffer from symptoms related to anxiety, especially if they've experienced some type of trauma. Some of the more meaningful benefits they provide are:
  • Alerting the owner if they're showing signs consistent with an anxiety attack.
  • Companionship to offset the reduced social contact and isolation.
  • Provide a calming and consistent presence during anxiety attacks or when their humans are suffering from fear issues.
In many cases, they can help make everyday life easier by being a source of comfort when the owner is feeling the stress of a social or work situation. Service dogs can help create a sense of calm and confidence when their owner has difficulty in social situations. If you're coping with either depression or anxiety. Consider having such a dog in your life if you find it hard to cope with your symptoms.

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