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Stephanie - A Boston Dog Walker Spotlight Story


At Wag!, we’re spotlighting top Pet Caregivers around the nation who provide pet care on the Wag! Platform. This is a chance for you to meet & get to know the Pet Caregivers on the Wag! app!

Today, we’re meeting one of Wag!’s most wooftastic Pet Caregivers, Stephanie, to talk about her experience as a dog walker. Stephanie hails from Boston and has been walking dogs on Wag! since a year ago. She has completed over 109+ walks with reviews earning her a 5.0 star rating. People have said she is an “amazing caregiver,” who “genuinely loves to be around dogs" and who can make "a grumpy dog instantly happy on the best walk." She has “cared and loved for” dogs for the likes of Cooper, Nino, Scarlett, Della, and is a beloved dog walker in Boston! 

Tell us about yourself

Are you native to the area? If not, where are you from? 
Stephanie: I'm native to New England but I'm originally from Connecticut! I moved to Boston about 3 years ago and I love it.

What do you do in your free time? 
Stephanie: Besides walking dogs, I enjoy reading, traveling, skiing, kayaking…just being outside!

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Do you have any dogs of your own or have you had in the past?
I currently can’t have a dog in my place, but I will hopefully adopt a pup as soon as I can! My boyfriend can attest that I dangerously look up adoptable dogs and daydream about getting them all 😊 Growing up I had the best dog named Cozmo. We just lost him last summer, but he was 16 years old and still had puppy energy. He was a dachshund mix, with one ear always sticking up and one ear down. He was the best. He also loved kayaking!

How did you hear about us? 
I had a couple of friends that walked through Wag! and had great experiences, which encouraged me to sign up. 

    What is your favorite neighborhood to walk in?
    I feel like I’m still learning about new places around Boston every time I accept a walk, which has been incredible! I frequently walk through Somerville which might be one of my favorites. There are so many other dogs to meet and unique neighborhoods throughout the town. In the winter there are a lot of pretty holiday lights, and I have a running list of restaurants I’d like to visit that I pass by during my walks!

    If you could give any advice to a brand new Pet Caregiver working with Wag!, what would it be?
    Try new things! Meet different breeds and explore other neighborhoods. I’ve met so many unique dogs that I otherwise would have never been around. PS - always keep some treats and poop bags with you! 

    What’s your favorite thing about Walking with Wag!?
    Of course, being around dogs! It brings real joy to my life to meet new pups and have some familiar furry faces. Also, it’s a really interesting way to meet new people, whether it’s the pet parents themselves or other dog walkers along the way.

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    What's your story? 

    I think my story is still in its draft stages! I have always loved nature, especially all of its critters. When I was younger I wished I could be Eliza Thornberry and speak with animals. A lot of that love came from my Dad who always loved being outside, whether it was camping, hiking or being on the water. My passion for nature drove me to study environmental science and I now have a career working in sustainability. While the Boston chapter of life is still pretty new, I’ve fallen in love with the area and plan to stay. My dream is to one day have a home with chickens, a horse and of course a dog or two. Maybe some bees if I’m feeling adventurous!

    What inspired you to sign up to work for Wag!?
    Living the apartment life in Boston, I truly missed just being around a dog. There is something about dogs that makes you feel whole. It must be that unconditional love! The opportunity to care for dogs in need of some love, attention (and exercise!) really drew me in and inspired me to sign up. And now I can’t imagine life before I had all this access to dogs!

    What's one thing about you that surprises people? 
    I love any and all living creatures. Snakes, mice, raccoons…everything! However there is just something about ladybugs, of all the crazy creatures, that terrifies me. I will run and never look back! 

    Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your story with us! It’s great to meet Pet Caregivers like Stephanie on our platform, who are excited about walking pups in Boston. If you’re in the area, book a walk or a drop-in session with Stephanie! Not a resident of Boston? Find a trusted, vetted dog walker near you to take your pup for a well-deserved walk.

    Until next time, folks! 🐾

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