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Stocking Stuffers for All the Pets in Your Family


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Published: 12/12/2022, edited: 12/29/2023


Shopping for Christmas gifts for the family? For many of us, family includes furry, feathered, and/or scaly members, some of which are lucky enough to get their own stocking to fill with goodies. If you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for the non-humans in your household, you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out these stocking stuffers that will have your companion animals wagging their tails and shaking their tail feathers this holiday season! 

Stocking stuffer ideas for dogs


Holiday treats

Many companies make limited edition holiday dog treats, and they’re the perfect stocking stuffers! Canine companions are spoiled for choice in this department; options include Blue Buffalo Oatmeal & Cinnamon Santa SnacksPortland Pet Food Company Gingerbread BiscuitsGreenies Gingerbread Flavor Dental Dog Treats, and Zuke's Mini Naturals Turkey & Cranberry Holiday Trees. You can also opt for new treats to get your pup jumping, like The ButcherBox Pawsome Gift Box that features 2 flavors of jerky bites and a pet bandana. 

Lick mat

Lick mats have really taken off in the past couple of years, and for good reason. They reduce anxiety, promote calm behavior, and slow down fast eaters. Lick mats come in a wide range of styles to suit various needs and preferences. Check out the LickiMat Soother, Hyper Pet IQ Banquet Lick Mat, and the Darth Vader Silicone Lick Mat for the sci-fi pup.


Get your dog into the holiday spirit with stylish and festive bandanas. You’ll find many wonderful designs to celebrate the holiday on Etsy from sellers such as Puppers Bowtique and Ash & Aspen. Other pawsome bandanas include the Frisco Reversible Candy Cane Pullover Bandana and the Frisco Personalized Gingerbread Treats Bandana.

Travel bowl

For the pup who’s always on the go, a travel bowl is a must-have gift this Christmas! Collapsible bowls like the Dexas Popware for Pets Collaspible Travel Non-Skid Bowl and Frisco Travel Collapsible Bowl with dual bowls fit perfectly in both stockings and travel bags. For more of a personal touch, head over to Etsy where sellers like Mars and Mocha can add your furbaby’s name to their bowl!


Toys always make grrreat gifts! Each dog has their own preferences when it comes to toys, but here are some that your pooch might like: Frisco Guacamole Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy, Natural Coffee Wood Dog Toy SetWobble Wag Giggle Ball, and Maxbone Decagon Rubber Toy.

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Stocking stuffer ideas for cats


Cat grass kit

Cats may be obligate carnivores, but they still need a bit of greens. Cat grass is a tasty treat packed with vitamins that aid in digestion and fiber that acts as natural hairball control. Grow kits like SmartyKat Sweet Greens Grow Kit and The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Kit let you grow your own grass at home so your indoor cat can munch on greens anytime!


Most cats love catnip, and if your feline friend goes crazy for this stuff, be sure to include it in their stocking! Whether you get them a toy like the Potaroma Cage Ball, treats like the Feline Greenies Catnip Dental Treats, or just plain catnip like SmartyKat Organic Catnip, your cat will surely say thank meow! Or try one of these pawesome Potaroma Silvervine Catnip Balls!

Christmas toys

Spoil your furbaby with a set of Christmas-themed toys like the Midlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gift Set, Vansolinne Christmas Catnip Toys, Merry Makings Christmas Pickle Teaser Wand, and Frisco Santa Hat and Mistletoe Tracks Toy. Each set contains an assortment of fun and festive toys, making them purrfect for stuffing stockings!

Scratching mat

Scratching mats are a more portable alternative to scratching posts, making them ideal for smaller spaces—and Christmas stockings. Some mats like the Petlinks Scratch & Play Mat are intended for floor use. Or let your kitty sink their claws into the SmartyKat Clever Claws Scratch Mat, which can be used on the floor, door, and couch, or the FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat which can even be used on the walls and windows!


You can never go wrong with cat treats! Clowder pleasers include Wellness Kittles Crunchy Cat TreatsGreenies Feline SMARTBITES, and Blue Buffalo Bursts. Add them to your cat’s favorite interactive toy and watch them go wild!

Stocking stuffer ideas for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small mammals

Interactive toys

Interactive toys are excellent for stimulating your small pet’s brain and encouraging them to exercise. Toys such as the Oxbow Lettuce Forage MatKaytee Toss & Learn Carrot Game and Oxbow Enriched Life Wobble Teaser promote natural behaviors and can keep furry friends engaged for hours on end.  

Chew toys

Since rabbits and rodents have teeth that never stop growing, it’s important to provide them with chew toys to prevent overgrowth. Fortunately, there are a myriad of options for your little one to sink their teeth into, including the Frisco Trio Balls Chew Toys, Kaytee Lava Ledge, Kaytee Premium Timothy Hay Chew-A-Bowl, and SunGrow Sweet Bamboo Chew Sticks.


Everybody loves treats, including the smallest family members! Put your pet’s favorites in their stocking, and surprise them with something new too! Here are some treats your rabbit, hamster, or guinea pig might enjoy: Wild Harvest Pretzels, Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Apple Treat, Oxbow Simple Rewards Banana Treats, and Vitakraft Mini Pops.


Tunnels are great for your little one’s enrichment, satisfying their natural instinct to burrow and hide. With their fondness for exploring small, narrow spaces, your rodent or rabbit will be thrilled to find a tunnel in their stocking this year! Choose from several cute options, including the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel, Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel Hideout, and Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube.

Harness and leash

Using a harness and leash is one way to let your rabbit explore the outside world safely. Doing so does require training and not every bunny is adaptable and adventurous, but if you’d like to give it a try, the SunGrow Adjustable Rabbit Harness and Leash Set get high marks from pet parents.

Stocking stuffer ideas for birds


Birds get bored too! Toys not only keep your feathered friend entertained, but also promote physical exercise. For small birds, check out the Super Bird Creations Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy, which is recommended by avian professionals worldwide, or their holiday inspired Mini X-mas Tree Bird Toy. Larger birds will love the Fetch-It Pets Donkey Piñata Bird Toy, which can be filled with their favorite treats!


Another great stocking stuffer for pet birds, treats add nutritional variety to your bird’s diet as well as provide stimulation and enrichment. Many parakeets, budgies, and parrots enjoy the Kaytee Spray Millet and SunGrow Cuttlebones, while the Manna Pro Garden Delight is a hit among chickens.


Giving your pet bird an assortment of perches to stand on is very important in keeping their feet healthy. Natural wood perches like Polly's Hardwood Bird Perch and the Super Bird Creations Sure-Grip Grooming Perch are highly recommended, but rope perches like the JW Comfy Perch and Super Bird Creations Rope Bungee Perch are good options too. 


Add enrichment to your bird’s environment with a ladder or two! Ladders encourage your little one to climb and balance, exercising both their body and mind and keeping them happy and healthy. Either the Prevue Pet Products Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy or SunGrow Coconut Shell Nest with Ladder will make a wonderful addition to your feathered friend’s crib! Or go big with the SunGrow Climbing Hammock Net and Activity Mat.

Birdcage cover

Sleep is vital to your bird’s well-being. By mimicking a nest cavity and reducing distractions during bedtime, a birdcage cover can help your avian pal get a good night’s sleep. The Prevue Universal Bird Cage Cover and Prevue Good Night Bird Large Cage Cover are both great choices!

Stocking stuffer ideas for reptiles


Spruce up your reptile’s enclosure with some new decorations that are both beautiful and functional. Plants, vines, and bark bends make excellent stocking stuffers for your scaly friend! Check out the Pangea Reptile Hanging Orchid, Fluker's Pothos Repta Vines, and Zilla Bark Bend, all of which have received positive reviews from reptile parents.


Treats are a no-brainer! Prepackaged food mixes are convenient, nutritious, and easy to prepare. They also come in a variety of flavors; popular ones include the Pangea Watermelon Fruit Mix for geckos and the Zilla Reptile Munchies Omnivore Mix for bearded dragons, water dragons, tegus, and box turtles. 


Pet reptiles don’t always have access to a wide range of foods like their wild counterparts, so supplementation helps ensure they’re getting the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need to stay healthy. The right supplements for your scaly companion will depend on their species. 


There’s nothing better than fresh, clean sheets. Substrates are great stocking stuffers as they are an important part of any reptile’s home, and they need to be changed regularly. The Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding, and Exo-Terra's Forest Moss Terrarium Substrate and Coco Husk Tropical Terrarium Substrate are just a few of the several reptile bedding options available on the market.

Food dish

Keep your reptile’s food clean with a cute dish that matches their home’s decor. With plenty of colors and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect food dish for your snake, lizard, or turtle. The Zoo Med Repti-Rock Food Dish, Leaf Reptile Food Dish, and Fluker’s Corner Bowl are all reptile- and human-approved. 

What are your favorite gifts for pets? Share them with us in the comments below or tag us @WagWalking on Twitter and @wag on Instagram!

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