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Wag! Premium — Making Pet Care Convenient and Stress-free


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 10/05/2022, edited: 03/04/2024

High vet care costs, busy work schedules, and other things outside our control can get in the way of giving our pets the care they need. Whether you’re stuck at work and can’t get home in time for walkies, or you need expert advice on your pet’s health, Wag! has got your pet care needs covered.

The Wag! Premium program makes pet parenthood convenient, affordable, and stress-free. Read on to learn what Wag! Premium is, how much it costs, and the benefits you’ll enjoy when you subscribe.

“We want to be the button on your phone that your pet could push to get whatever they need.”

— Garrett Smallwood, CEO @ Wag! Group Co.

What is Wag! Premium?

Wag! Premium is a monthly subscription that offers Pet Parents a range of perks, like free Wag! Vet Chat, discounts on services through Wag! and other pet brands, and so much more.

At just $9.99 per month or $95.99 annually, Wag! Premium is a great deal for Pet Parents who need convenient access to quality pet care. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get when you join Wag! Premium.

5% off all services

Save money on Walks, Drop-Ins, Sitting, Boarding, and Training services. If you use the Wag! app to book several Walks a month (or just one Overnight Care service), your Premium membership will pay for itself!

Waived booking fees

All booking fees for pet care services booked through the Wag! app are waived, saving Pet Parents “ruffly” $5 on every service.

Free 24/7 chat with credentialed veterinary professionals

Got questions about your pet’s health, wellness, routine, or diet? With Wag! Premium, you can connect with a licensed veterinary professional — like Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS, a veterinary surgeon who also lends a helping paw reviewing our articles on The Daily Wag!.

Without a Wag! Premium subscription, each chat session costs $30. With Wag! Premium, you get free, unlimited Vet Chat access! Learn more about how Wag! Vet Chat works.

VIP customer support

Need help booking a service or using the app? VIP customer care 7 days a week gives Wag! Premium members instant access to convenient customer support. 

Top Pet Caregivers

When they book a service, Wag! Premium members will automatically be matched with the top-rated Caregivers in their area if their past and preferred Pet Caregivers aren’t available.

Discounts and freebies from premium pet brands

In August 2022, we launched our Wag! Premium Benefits Center, which lets you access a range of discounts and freebies from the best pet brands. But more on that in the next section!

wag premium partners logos including nom nom, petted, dog tv, fruitables, and finn

Introducing the Premium Benefits Center

The Premium Benefits Center is the latest update to the Wag! Premium membership! This additional perk gives Pet Parents discounts and freebies from world-class pet products. Read on to meet our partners and learn more about what goodies you can get through the Premium Benefits Center.


Fruitables are low-calorie, fruit-based treats packed with delicious superfoods. High in antioxidants and vitamins, Fruitables are perfect for any health-conscious canine or feline.

Wag! Premium members can get complimentary Fruitables dog treats with their pet’s next Sitting or Boarding service.


Dogs and cats love watching television, and DogTV is a TV subscription specially designed for doggos! DogTV features scientifically designed TV shows to stimulate or relax your dog, and even to expose them to new noises and experiences.

DogTV is “pawfect” helping with anxiety, and is great for keeping your canine calm while you’re out of the house. We even featured DogTV in our guide on vet-approved products to soothe a dog’s anxiety!


Finn’s mission is to help your canine companion live a happy, healthy, and long life. Finn produces high-quality supplements for dogs — including multivitamins, probiotics, calming aids, and more — to support their health at all stages of life.

When you sign up for Wag! Premium, you’ll receive a discount on your first order with Finn.


Get a free pet insurance quote from Wag!’s insurance comparison tool, Petted, with the Premium Benefits Center. Petted lets you compare insurance quotes from the best insurance providers in the US, saving you money on your fur-baby’s vet bills.

Nom Nom

Make your dog’s nutrition a walk in the park with Nom Nom. Nom Nom is a fresh dog food delivery service that serves up delicious and nutritious meals tailored to your pup’s unique needs.

Nom Nom’s board-certified veterinary nutritionists ensure every fur-baby gets the right portion size with the right nutritional value. Whether a dog has a chicken allergy or needs help keeping their coat and skin healthy, Nom Nom has them covered.

With the Premium Benefits Center, you can redeem a discount for your first Nom Nom order.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

How cool would it be if you could help shelter animals in need while drinking your morning coffee? With Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., you can — 20% of all profits from each sale are donated to local animal rescue orgs! Grounds & Hounds' mission is to "eradicate unnecessary animal euthanasia", which is a goal we can get behind.

In addition to delicious brews and blends, Grounds & Hounds also offers cute merch for two- and four-legged fashionistas alike! From mugs and water bottles to shirts for humans and hoodies for dogs, Grounds & Hounds has something to suit every style.

Wag! Premium members get a discount on their Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. order.

Blazin' USA

Blazin' USA's rechargeable LED dog collars, leashes, and harnesses are a grrreat way to prevent your pet from getting lost on after-dark excursions. Wag! Premium subscribers can redeem a discount on their Blazin' USA order.


Every experienced pet parent knows that taking your pet's temperature can be a pain in the butt — literally! With Mella, you'll never have to take your pet's temperature rectally again. Having a pet thermometer on paw is a great way to detect diseases early and keep tabs on your pet's health.

Wag! Premium members can get a discount on their Mella thermometer.

Wild One

Wild One is a one-stop shop for stylish, functional dog essentials, from durable leashes and collars to gentle grooming products and eco-friendly poop bags. Get a discount on your Wild One when you join Wag! Premium.


If your dog's crate, toys, and accessories clash with the decor of your living room, it might be time for an upgrade. Fable's luxury pet products include everything from interactive puzzle toys to modern wood dog crates that double as end tables. Wag! Premium members get a discount on their Fable pawchase.

What are you waiting “fur”? Check out Wag! Premium today!

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