Alignment Health Plan: Benefits with Wag!

Here's our most commonly answered questions from you!

What services are included with my promotion? 
  • Your promotion covers Wag! Walks (30-minutes), Sittings, and Boardings. 
What if I'd like to book a different service not included in my promotion? 
  • Any services booked other than a Wag! Walk (30 minutes), Sitting, or Boarding would be charged at the rate set by the Pet Caregiver, which may vary by region.
Payment Information
How do I apply my promo code for Wag!?
  • From the Home Screen, open the main menu from the top left corner →
  • Tap “Payments & Promos”→
  • Click “Apply Promo Code” →
  • Enter the Promo Code →
  • Click “Apply”. You’re all set! 
I was issued a promo code for Wag!, why do I need to enter a secondary payment method? 
  • The redeemer must have a secondary payment method on their account to use this benefit. This payment method will only be used to add tips or for services outside of the coverage of the claimed package.
I applied my promo code, but the app still shows the full price on 30-minute Walks, Sittings, and Boardings. Will I still be charged? 
As long as the service you are booking is covered in your Alignment Health plan, you will not be charged. As a reminder, your promotion will cover either:
  • 14 30-minute walks or up to 7 nights of overnight care in 2021, or
  • 28 30-minute walks or up to 14 nights of overnight care in 2021
I booked a Sitting/Boarding service, but was still charged. What happened? 
  • A Sitting or Boarding will not be covered by your promotion if the number of nights booked exceeds what is included with your benefit.
Trusted Contacts
What is a Trusted Contact?
  • A Trusted Contact is an emergency contact that can be contacted in situations such as picking up a pet from a boarding.
Can a Trusted Contact be charged for unpaid balances?
  • No, a Trusted Contact cannot be charged for an unpaid balance. 
Can a Trusted Contact pick up my pet or make decisions on my behalf? 
  • A Trusted Contact can pick up your pet from overnight services, and if you are unreachable in the event of an emergency, we may ask the Trusted Contact to make decisions on your behalf. 
What if I don't have a Trusted Contact? Can I still book overnight services? 
  • For your pet’s best interest, you cannot book an overnight service without having at least one designated Trusted Contact on your account prior to booking.
Can my Trusted Contact also be another Wag! User? 
  • Yes, your Trusted Contact can be another Wag! User on the platform. 
Can I have multiple Trusted Contacts?
  • Yes, you can have multiple Trusted Contacts listed on your profile. Should a Trusted Contact be unavailable, a member of the Wag! Team will contact the next Trusted Contact.
How do you contact Trusted Contacts?
  • By phone via a call and/or SMS message and if unavailable we will leave a voicemail.
Does my Trusted Contact have to agree to be my Trusted Contact?
  • Your Trusted Contact will be prompted to download and sign up for an account on the Wag! Platform and it is recommended that this be discussed prior to assigning a Trusted Contact on your profile.
How do I edit my Trusted Contacts?
  • On the upper left hand corner of the app, select “View Profile” and navigate to “Manage Trusted Contacts”, there you will be able to uncheck the Trusted Contact (Blue Shield with Checkmark) or invite additional Trusted Contacts to be linked to your profile.