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Walking for Wag! Helps this Teacher Help Others


As a walker on the Wag! platform, Jessica Cioffi, has three loves in her life: kids, dogs, and travel. When she’s not molding young minds as a teacher in Los Angeles, CA, she can be found walking dogs — or traveling.

The dog walking began this past summer. When a planned trip fell through, Jessica had some extra time to fill. Looking for a fun way to get some exercise and spend time with dogs, Jessica found Wag!.

Jessica quickly realized that she could combine her loves of dogs and travel — and make a difference in the world. This past summer, Jessica used the extra money from walking dogs to fund a humanitarian trip to Mexico with A Child’s Hope.

The extra cash allowed her to pay for five days of working in an orphanage and helping families in need just outside of the U.S.-Mexico border city of Tijuana.

“Teachers are generally underpaid and many look for other ways to supplement income,” said Jessica. “It started out just as a fun way to exercise and get paid while doing something I love, but then I realized I had a humanitarian trip coming up and found that Wag! would give me enough to pay for that trip. It was a win, win!”

Walking for Wag! Helps this Walker Help Others

This good-hearted walker isn’t stopping here. Jessica, second from right, above, plans to continue walking with Wag! in her spare time as a way to fund additional trips, with plans to head abroad again in the future.

“Being able to use Wag! to fund humanitarian trips and give back has had a positive influence on who I am,” said Jessica. “I’m so thankful I'm able to use the app to help make a difference in this world.”

If you're interested in becoming a walker on the Wag! platform, visit our website for more information!

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