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What's a Wag! Deluxe Drop-in?


Written by Mel Lee-Smith

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Published: 01/07/2022, edited: 01/07/2022


If you’re a Pet Caregiver or Pet Parent who uses the Wag! app regularly, you may have noticed a new service: Deluxe Drop-ins. What are Deluxe Drop-ins? How are they different from normal Drop-ins? Which type of service should you book? To help you choose the right service, we’ve answered all these questions, plus a few more!

What are Wag! Deluxe Drop-ins?

If you’ve booked a Drop-in with Wag! before, you’ll know these 20-minute visits ensure your pet’s needs are met, from food and water to walks and potty breaks.

In theory, 20 minutes is “pawlenty” of time to get everything done. In practice, however, it’s not so simple, especially for multi-pet households.

That’s where the Deluxe Drop-in comes in. Deluxe Drop-ins are 60 minutes long instead of 20, giving your Pet Caregiver more time to spend caring for your fur-children.

Cat parents in “pawticular” love Deluxe drop-ins. If your kitty is a little skittish, 20 minutes may not be enough time to coax them out of their hiding place. Which means many Pet Caregivers are forced to leave after 20 minutes without even seeing the cat they’re caring for!

With the new 60-minute visit, your Pet Caregiver can help your cat get used to their presence, which increases your cat’s comfort and helps form a bond.

Deluxe Drop-ins are also a “grrreat” choice for energetic breeds that require vigorous exercise. When you book a Deluxe Drop-in for your Boxer or Border Collie, your Pet Caregiver will have enough time to replenish food and water bowls, head out for a potty break, and treat your dog to a healthy dose of playtime. 

Plus, if it’s too hot or cold outside to walk, a Deluxe Drop-in ensures your pup gets the stimulation they need without risking their safety (or your caregiver’s!).

Which type of Drop-in should I book?

Only you can answer this question. When choosing your service, consider:

  • your budget

  • your pet’s activity level

  • your pet’s temperament

  • your Pet Caregiver’s availability

That said, Deluxe Drop-ins are “pawfect” for:

  • high-energy breeds that need more than a short walk

  • reclusive cats that tend to hide

  • elderly or sick pets that need extra attention

  • extreme hot or cold temperatures when exercising outdoors isn’t safe

  • pets that tend to get lonely, stressed, or bored during the day

How much does a Deluxe Drop-in cost?

On average, a 60-minute Deluxe Drop-ins ranges from $31 to $38.

How do Drop-ins work?

When you book a Drop-in through the Wag! app, you’ll choose a pre-scheduled or on-demand service. Select the date and time, then discuss your pet’s needs with your Pet Caregiver. Be as specific as “pawssible”! (Learn more about communicating with Pet Caregivers in the next question.)

Then, all that’s left to do is follow along with your pet’s visit through the Wag! app. Once you’ve booked, you can message your Pet Caregiver anytime before or during the service.

How do I contact my Pet Caregiver?

Use the in-app messaging feature to stay “pupdated” on your fur-baby’s drop-in visit. We encourage you to contact your Pet Caregiver before the visit starts if your pet has special dietary, exercise, or health needs.

Who’s watching my pet?

All Pet Caregivers on the Wag! platform are thoroughly vetted and insured for your peace of mind. The pet people on our app are animal lovers just like you, making it easy to find your pet’s “pawfect” match!

Can I book a Drop-in for a small animal like a hamster or reptile?

Yes! Our Pet Caregivers are more than happy to look after your small critters. Just be sure to select the correct species when booking.

Worried about leaving your pet home alone while you work, attend school, or run errands? Book a Deluxe Drop-in today and find your buddy's new BFF!

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For cats: do deluxe drop ins include emptying litter? Or can this service be included in a regular drop in.

Lynn Audrey Olsen


I am considering a kitten but I work a lot on Sat and Sun: what would two half hour check ins each day cost?

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