How to Groom a Dog Using Scissors

15 - 60 Minutes
2 Month


The idea of grooming your pup's hair using a pair of scissors can be a bit intimidating, especially if it's your first time. There are several very good reasons to learn how to groom your pup using a pair of scissors instead of electric clippers. The noise clippers make tend to scare most puppies and can make them difficult to handle during grooming. Using a pair of scissors is also a good time to bond with your pup and you can be far more creative, especially if your dog is one the many breeds that have specific cuts. 

Dog's Perspective

If your dog is like most, the noise and vibrations from electric clippers are very scary and often cause unnecessary anxiety. When he sees that the only things you have in your hands are a comb or brush and a pair scissors, he is far more likely to be calm and relaxed when grooming time comes. 

Caution & Considerations

  • First and foremost, use sharp scissors. Dull ones will snag the hair and pull on it, hurting your pup.
  • You will need straight, curved, and rounded-tip scissors, as well as thinning shears.
  • Be sure to keep the scissors nice and sharp, as well as oiled, to ensure smooth, even cutting without pulling on your pup's hair.
  • Think about getting a grooming table with a restraint, it will make the entire grooming process go more smoothly if your pup likes to fidget.
  • Be very careful when using thinning shears, as the teeth can snag your pup's skin grinding into it, which is very painful.
  • Give your pup time to get used the scissors before getting started, this will help to alleviate his fears. There is no set time for this, your pup will let you know when he is comfortable with them.
  • Remember to take your time when grooming your pup with a pair of scissors. Not only will doing so result in a better cut, but it will also help keep your dog nice and calm during the process. 


The last thing you want is for your dog to end up looking like he had a run-in with an electric hedge trimmer. Your pup has feelings too and the last thing he wants is to be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Go slow, pay attention to what you are doing, and make sure you give your dog plenty of praise and a handful of his favorite treats when you are all done. 

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