Thunderbird Group Campground

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Camp Type: Tent, RV
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Restroom: Pit Toilet
Permit: Required
Shower: No
Wifi: Not available
Entrance Fee: $40.00
Campfire: Allowed
Pet Fee: None
Leash Rule: On Leash

Discover California's wild side with your friends (and their pups) at Thunderbird Group Campground -- where amenities are slim but the beauties of the forest are vast. Though the campground sits inside of the Sequoia National Forest, you'll probably find yourself surrounded by smaller pines and scrub oak due to the 3,200-foot elevation of the property.

The camping area is made up of three different group sites, two of which can fit up to 12 people, with the other holding up to 30. While there are porta-potties, picnic tables, and campfire rings, that is where the accommodations end. This means you need to plan on bringing both food and water for your whole group -- canines included -- and storing anything with a scent hidden in your vehicle to keep bears away. 

Fees to stay at the group sites are $40 per night for the smaller lots and $99 for the larger one. You'll need to grab a campfire permit if you're planning on spending your nights circled around a warm blaze, but if the weather is dry, fires will be totally out of the question.

Spend your days trekking around the forest to find breathtaking features like streams, canyons, or one of the two spectacular waterfalls that cascade in these woods. The rivers and streams make for excellent fishing -- so be sure to bring your gear -- though, the current is far too "ruff" for you or your pooch to hop in for a dip. Because the water flows so fast here, it's actually a pawesome spot to go rafting (just remember to pack lifejackets!).

Doggos are welcome all throughout the Sequoia National Forest -- unlike the national park of the same name. All forest management asks is that you keep your woofer leashed or under a restraint of some kind at all times to protect the other campers and wildlife of the park. Also, keep the area beautiful by properly cleaning up dog waste and packing it in your garbage (which has to be taken out of the campground with you when you leave).

For a true escape into the woods with your pals, check out Thunderbird Group Campground!

Wag! does not allow or encourage Pet Care Providers to bring dogs to parks.
Forest, River
Thunderbird Group Campground, Mountain Hwy 99
Kernville, CA 93238
Open Months
May - September
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Thunderbird Group Campground, Mountain Hwy 99
Kernville, CA 93238
Open Months
May - September