Atlanta doubles as Georgia’s largest city and its capital. Rich in Southern heritage, this massive muttropolis is also a hub for art, music, shopping, and sports. Even more impressive is the city’s dog pupulation. More than half the households in Atlanta have a four legged family member! So you can imagine the folks around here know what it’s like to live with a pup in the city. Navigating urban life with a doggo can be tricky. But one look into your pup’s big brown eyes and you quickly realize it’s totally worth the effort. Here are some pawsome tips to help you along the way.

Keep Your Pup Cool

There’s a reason this city is sometimes called Hotlanta. During the summer months, the humidity and heat combine to make some pretty unbearable conditions. But your dog still needs to get outside, right? When heading out, test the concrete or asphalt. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for paws. So stick to shady areas or grass and walk in the early mornings or evenings. Or visit Morningside Nature Preserve and let your pup cool off in the river.

Take Advantage of Atlanta’s Dog Furiendly Activities

There’s no question that Atlanta has plenty for two legged residents to do. But did you know this pawsome city also caters to the four legged locals? Restaurants like Bellwoods Social House and Lucky’s Burgers and Brews welcome pups. When you dine at Joe’s on Juniper your pooch gets their own bowl of cold water. During baseball season be sure to attend Bark in the Park, a night when your pup can join you at an Atlanta Braves home game.

Basic Training Goes A Long Way

It’s super impawtant that urban dwelling doggos have basic training. Walking around Downtown with your pup pulling at the leash is no fun, so make sure your pooch is up to snuff on their leash manners. If you need to cross a busy street while cruising around Midtown, train your pup to sit at your side until traffic clears. As a pet parent, make sure you always have some clean up bags on hand and ready to use.

Discover the Best Way to Get Around Town

If you don’t have your own vehicle, chances are you use Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) to get around the city. Of course, service animals are welcome to board a bus, train, or streetcar unconfined. All other animals must be in a rigid pet carrier that locks. This can be tricky if your pooch is on the larger side. Consider taking a pet friendly taxi. If your destination isn’t too far, walking is always furrific option!

Make Sure Your Pup Gets Plenty of Exercise

The key to urban living with a four legged friend is making sure they get plenty of exercise. After all, your pup pawbably doesn’t have a big backyard to romp around in. Be sure to schedule time for a daily walk with your pooch. Take a stroll down the Atlanta Beltline. This puptastic multi-use trail is a former rail corridor that runs through the heart of Atlanta. It’s a pawfect place to walk your pooch!
A Walk For A Healthier Pup
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A Walk For A Healthier Pup
Give your pup some extra love and fresh air with this Wag! Walk
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