To say that Chicagoans are obsessed with dogs would be an understatement. Here in the Windy City, you'll find the world's most followed bulldog, two pooch-friendly beaches, and a host of services that cater to canines, from chiropractic care to couture. Many Chicago landlords allow four-legged tenants, and most places welcome pups who are out on a walk. Several businesses also leave treats and water bowls outside their buildings for canine passersby. There's always something to see and do in Chicago, and the best part is, you can share many of these experiences with your furry pal. Indeed, the Windy City is a pawsome place for dogs and their humans! 

Exercise Fido at Chicago's Many Dog Parks

Chicago dog parks, also referred to as dog-friendly areas or DFAs, are the pawfect locations to exercise your canine buddy in the urban jungle. There are about 25 dog parks in the city, including 2 beaches where water-loving pups can run, play, and make new friends sans leash. Before you and Fido head to a DFA, stop by a participating veterinary office to obtain a permit and tag. Make sure your pup has their permit and tag whenever you're in a DFA, otherwise you could get fined!

Discover the City's Culinary Delights

Chicago dogs are lucky—the city boasts a myriad of pooch-friendly spots and activities, so your furry buddy can enjoy an active social life, too! Chicago is home to over 500 bars and restaurants that welcome four-legged patrons with open arms, allowing you to grab drinks or lunch around the city with Fido in tow. DryHop Brewers, Big Star, O'Brien's Riverwalk Cafe, Jack & Ginger's, and Harry Caray's Tavern are just a few of the eateries where you can dig into a meal with your doggo by your side!

Teach Your Dog Good Manners

If you're going to bring your pup to dog-friendly places around Chicago, it's essential for them to learn proper petiquette. Sign your pupper up for obedience classes so that they'll be a well-behaved canine citizen, whether they're playing at the Wiggly Field Dog Park, exploring the streets of Chinatown, or watching a White Sox game during the annual Dog Day. Training also provides mental stimulation, which, when combined with physical activity, is sure to keep your dog happy.

Prepare for the Winter

Chicago is known for its brutal winters, and the weather can be especially tough on newcomers, whether human or canine. Help your pup survive the Chicago winter by getting them dog boots—these should keep their paws warm and dry when you go out for a walk. Boots also prevent the snow and salt on the sidewalk from getting stuck between your pooch's toes and paw pads. If Fido's not too keen on footwear, use a protective paw wax, which you can purchase or DIY!

Tour Chicago by Water

See the Windy City from a different perspective as you and Fido take a cruise on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan! At least three cruise lines allow leashed four-legged passengers on their boats, so Fido can tag along with you on a tour of Chicago's waterways. While your pooch might not care much for the city's rich history and pawmazing skyline, they'll certainly have a furrific time soaking up the sunshine and feeling the breeze in their fur!
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A Walk For A Healthier Pup
Give your pup some extra love and fresh air with this Wag! Walk
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