10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


Does the love in your life have giant, heart-shaped eyes for someone else? Someone with four pink paws, spiky whiskers, and dog food on their breath, that is? If you've found yourself head-over-heels in love with a pooch lover this Valentine's Day, show them you care by giving a gift that's completely canine-themed.

But where do you start? How do you find the perfect little token for the totally woof-crazy person of your dreams? Let us help you sift through the wide world of the internet as we take you through our list of the ten best Valentine's Day gift ideas for dog-lovers everywhere.

#10 Dog Butt Magnets

Stay with us! While it may not sound like the stuff of romance novels, if you want to see the warmest, most genuine smile spread across your sweetheart's face, the gift of cute little doggy bums and tails stuck on the outside of the fridge will definitely do the trick!

#9 A Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Help your love commemorate their favorite doggo in stone -- er, plaster -- with a gift that lasts a lifetime. Keepsake kits allow you to create a print of your pooch's paw that, once dry, can be placed on display for all to see.

#8 A Fancy Treat Jar

If your Valentine's Day date happens to love chic decor as much as they love their fur-baby, head to your favorite home store and see what kind of selection they have of snazzy treat jars. This gift is great because each time they give their pupper a biscuit, they'll remember how much you care about them (and be real, they dish out a lot of treats!).
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#7 A Cookbook for Canines

Any fan of canines is more than excited to test their skills in the kitchen by creating a dish for their dog. Watch their eyes light up as they imagine all of the hours they're about to be spending hovered over mixing bowls and measuring cups (while Fido samples the spatula, of course).

#6 A Doggy DNA Test

If your crush has a nerdy side, we think they'll be over the moon about this gift! For any rescue or mixed breed pupper, familial backgrounds tend to get a little foggy. By using a DNA kit geared for woofers, you can help your valentine uncover mysteries about their favorite fur-baby!

#5 A Dog Doodle Prompt Journal

A what journal? It sounds obscure, but if the person you're trying to impress enjoys drawing and they also enjoy doggos, you really can't go wrong with this present. It's even pawfect for beginner doodlers, with step-by-step instructions to becoming a cartoon dog art master!

#4 Matching Collar and Bracelet

For those looking to score major points with their Valentine's Day date, hopping on this super-trendy, super-cute bandwagon will surely do the trick. Matching collars (for pups) and bracelets (for their people) have been popping up all over the internet. They come in all different styles, textures, and sizes, so you're sure to find a set that suits your duo perfectly.

#3 Custom Pupper Socks

Another online product that we've seen absolutely everywhere is socks that you can customize with an uploaded photo of a pooch. Simply snap a pic of your sweetheart's doggo, send it in, order the socks you think they'd like, and wait. Your valentine will go crazy for socks that sport their four-legged pal!

#2 A Selfie Ball

Help your honey take the ultimate selfies with their pupper using a selfie ball! These handy little contraptions look like (and perhaps are) tennis balls that attach to the top of your phone. When you lift up the phone to catch a moment with your furry friend, you can bet they'll be looking right at the camera.

#1 A Custom Keychain

For the perfect, classic trinket gift, a customized keychain is a safe bet that always delivers. The styles available are practically endless and feature every kind of breed, hybrid, and mutt out there. Plus, every time your date grabs their keys, they'll think of both their doggo and you, and it'll no doubt bring a smile to their face.