Braddock Road Off Leash Dog Area

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Park Rule: Off Leash
Restroom: No
Park Size: Small
Small Dog Area: No
Fee: None
Services: Dog Walking

Located at the Southeast corner of Braddock Road and Commonwealth Avenue, in Alexandria, Virginia, the Braddock Road Dog Area is managed by the Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities. It has defined boundaries marked by bollards and although is it is an unfenced, official off-leash dog area, all dogs must be under their owner’s control at all times.

Residents and visitors can have access to the location from sunrise to sunset, as there are no official hours mentioned. The same applies to restrooms available in the area unless otherwise posted on-site. Spanning 9,434 square feet of unfenced terrain, the Braddock Road Off-Leash location is a small dog area, requiring no fees to enter.

The property provides grass surface for all canines and one trash can available nearby. Visitors will be able to recognize the area by the signage posted throughout the zone, specially designed for dogs and their owners. The dog area is situated right next to the road, partially surrounded by trees and shrubs. There are no additional shaded areas, benches, or water fountains present and no poop bags provided. An off-leash permit tag is not required, however, all visitors need to keep their dogs in view at all times, and immediately pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste.

The city’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities, advises all dog owners to make sure their unleashed pets are kept within the boundaries of the dog exercise area, as defined by the bollards. If the owners believe that their pet is not safe in an open exercise space, they should consider taking Fido to a fenced dog park instead. However, if you want to enjoy a relaxing walk with your dog while providing him with a little bit of exercise, Braddock Road Off Leash Dog Area is a great place to do just that.

Braddock Road and Commonwealth
Alexandria, VA
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Braddock Road and Commonwealth
Alexandria, VA