Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Names

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Just get a new pup that's going to grow into a mid-size canine? Your new furry bestie is going to be handful- maybe! Without the giant brawn of a large dog, but having a sturdiness beyond a small to tiny pooch, your medium sized pupper may be stuck in the middle. Be sure to let your pup shine with a name all their own! Choosing an appropriate moniker can be challenging, as you generally want to showcase your growing buddy's personality, but don't want to limit them. A Cupcake or Button may be too dainty for your pup, while a Beowulf may just be too grand!

Medium sized pups often get the choice of many names as they do fit many categories, and their temperament, color, and owner's likes can play into those choices. Whether taken from human names, movies, literature or even objects like food, the amount of names can be daunting.

While you do have a world of names open to you, we have found the most pupular names given to these mid-sized furbabies. One of these may just be the furfect fit for your furry bestie, or may inspire you in the creation of your own name! 


Molly is another name for Mary which means ‘wished-for-child’ in Hebrew. The name is one of the top three names for female Beagle dogs.


Maggie means child of light. If your midsize pupper is a beacon of joy in your life, then Maggie is an excellent name for them.


Lucy means born at dawn or shiny. Regular-sized dogs named Lucy tend to be early risers and keep their energy up through most of the day.

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This lovely name means princess, which is a catchy moniker for a regal medium-sized barker.


Bella is Italian for beautiful. What girl doesn’t like to be called beautiful. Your female, medium-sized, pupper will undoubtedly love this name. 


Max is short for Maximillian which means greatest. If you feel that your medium-sized pooch is the greatest in one way or another, then this is a worthy moniker.


A buddy is a close friend. Most dogs are close friends to their owners. It, therefore, follows that your medium-sized dog will be your buddy as well.


Buster is a word meaning destroyer or breaker. If you have a medium-sized pooch, then it is quite likely that they are a ‘buster’ as well.


Jake is slang for ‘excellent’ or ‘fine.’ As in, ‘everything is Jake again.’ What a great moniker for a medium-sized pooch that makes your day. 


This is a classic name for dogs that are shy or independent, and means divine spear. If you have a midsized dog that protects your home, then this is an excellent moniker for them.